Free sheet music: Canon in D ?
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Canon In D: "Pachelbel's Canon" sheet music for viola and cello. Dad's having problems finding downloadable FREE sheet music for his high school-aged daughters.

Did I mention that it's for viola and cello? Thanks in advance.
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Here's a copy for cello

I played this on the viola for grade 9 strings, incidentally. Man, I was awful.
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3 free downloads HERE for non-members.

I just dowloaded it for the viola as a test. You can too. :)
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Don't know if it's been arranged for viola *and* cello. It might not have been, unless you know otherwise? The original is for three violins and continuo (bass/keyboard), and it's often played by quartet (two violins, viola, cello).
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Note that the link Drunken_munky provides is to the version for three violins, cello and keyboard. And bim's one is for viola and piano.
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It's available here for $2.99, and is marked 'exclusive'. Someone has taken the trouble to arrange it for viola and cello and they're selling the arrangement for not very much money. If you really want it for free, good luck.
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