Will James Webb images be shown via IMAX or large scale format?
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Basically what it says. If so, where, when? Or YouTube sites I can call up on my tv that compile the more amazing images in high quality for the lay person?
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I found this youtube video and the same channel appears to have a few more more recent images.
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The JWST has a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfi4_aCc2nEhtUMSGqaim_Q

But video is often lower quality than still images; I think you can get high-res images from the Webb's website, e.g. here: https://webbtelescope.org/resource-gallery/images

I did find some news article about using IMAX to project the images for a few lucky scientists, but I have no idea if anyone has thought about doing a wider distribution at some point in the future.
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Best answer: In his Off Menu podcast episode, Brian Cox mentioned this as an aspect of his tour - being able to display huge images in arenas, and updating the show when new Webb images are released. (Podcast link here, he starts talking about the images at ~11:15)
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