Seeking tools for goal tracking
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What tools do you use to capture and track your goals, and periodically review them?

I've been using Complice on and off for years – it's a tool that lets you keep track of tasks you do towards specific goals, and then do regular reviews of said goals.

I like it, but am not in love with it; it lacks a lot of rich functionality that other apps have and has bugs that annoy me.

What do you use to keep track of your life goals, to bring them front-and-center to make sure you're making progress on them?

(To be clear, some of my goals have a specific endpoint, like "move to another country" but most are of the open-ended "improve mental health" type)
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I’ve used the Things app on my phone for ages as a to-do list, and i just got the iPad version as well. Seeing it on a bigger screen reminded me that it has features beyond the bare task list - you can group tasks into projects & group projects into areas, schedule in advance with reminders, it has calendar integration, etc. Pretty good UI too.

But at heart it’s still a task list, so for something nebulous like “improve mental health” you’d still need to break it down into actionable steps that you can track. But maybe that’s a useful discipline anyway.
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Since it's pretty much free (unless you dump a whole lot into it) I always recommend Trello, and as for making progress on your aspirations I recommend Tiny Habits by B. J. Fogg. For what it's worth.
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Paper version: Passion Planner. (I've been debating getting an electronic version of it, but planning on a tablet is not in my workflow and I don't see it happening.)

Electronic version: Evernote (I have a monthly/weekly/daily tasks template that I start from every day/week/month, and I add goal-related things into the template so they don't end up forgotten) with Todoist for reminders/recurring tasks/tasks that need to be done on a specific date.
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