Can you track down this book?
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A few years ago, I checked a book out from interlibrary loan. There were recommendations in the back of the book. I can't find the book with these recommendations in it.

- The book is "The Soil" by Takashi Nagatsuka, originally published in 1910.
- I think the copy I checked out was brown and hard cover.
- I checked it out from interlibrary loan in Portland, Oregon (Multnomah County Library).
- It was years ago, so there's no history of what I checked out in my ILL account.

-I tried searching interlibrary loan today. The physical book ISBNs listed in my search don't seem like they're the same copy.
- I put their ISBNs into google books, and the page with the book list wasn't included.
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Response by poster: All I really want are those recommendations on the last page, I already read the book.
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If no-one else can help, then if you go to and type in an ISBN it will show you lots of places you can search for the book

The ISBN Wikipedia has for that book is 9780520083721, and these are the results for that (it might not be obvious but you can click on the various country titles, e.g. "United States" that are on the page and it will show more country-specific resources as well).
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Best answer: Could it be here?
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I tried looking at the copies on b-ok and libgen type websites and they only have the Routledge version. Neither the pdf nor epub files have the recommendation page.
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Worldcat lists a number of editions. If you click through to any of the English editions (you can filter search results by language) that seem possible to be your copy, you may be able to see if the reference list you're looking for is included in that edition. For example, a 1993 paperback edition by UC Berkeley Press lists "Preface to the Paperback Edition Translator's Introduction Glossary of Japanese Terms The Soil Translator's Note" as the included materials. (This is obviously not the copy you're looking for, but its the first one I clicked on). These listings of the contents are not always accurate, so it may be that an edition does include the material you want but it wasn't entered into Worldcat, but its a place to start!!

Also keep in mind that even if the copy you borrowed from the library was bound in hardback, that could actually be a paperback edition that the library re-bound to help increase the durability of a circulating item. So don't necessarily discount paperback editions.
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I agree it’s likely the hard cover was likely a library bind of a paperback. Back-of-book listings are often inserted by the publisher in paperbacks and will only list other books by that publisher that they think appeal to the same market. Hardcovers don’t usually contain such listings.
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Best answer: Hardcovers from the early part of the twentieth century often did contain recommendations
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Best answer: The book xo linked to above has a list of other books on the 4th page:
1. Of Women, Outcastes, Peasants, and Rebels: A Selection of
Bengali Short Stories. Translated and edited by Kalpana
2. Himalayan Voices: An Introduction to Modern Nepali Litera.
ture. Translated and edited by Michael James Hutt.
3. Shoshaman: A Tale of Corporate Japan. By Arai Shinya.
Translated by Chieko Mulhern.
4. Rainbow. By Mao Dun. Translated by Madeleine Zelin
5. Encounter. By Hahn Moo-Sook. Translated by Ok Young
Kim Chang.
6. The Autobiography of Osugi Sakae. By Osugi Sakae.
Translated by Byron K. Marshall.
7. A River Called Titash. By Adwaita Mallabarman. Translated
and with an introduction by Kalpana Bardhan.
8. The Soil: A Portrait of Rural Life in Meiji Japan. By
Nagatsuka Takashi. Translated by Ann Waswo.
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Response by poster: Presumably that's the same list in a different version/copy/edition/whatever of the book. I'll take it. Thanks, everyone!
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Best answer: I don't think those are recommendations. I think they're other University of California Press books in the same "series", which was called Voices From Asia.
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Response by poster: Yay, thanks!


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