Good tattoo places in PDX?
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Where should someone get a tattoo in Portland?

I have a friend coming to town that wants to get a tattoo - he has several, he tries to get one from every city he visits. Anybody know a good tattoo artist in Portland, OR that they'd recommend? Price isn't really a factor, quality is most important.
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Seek out and find Scott Harrison. I think right now he's working at Atlas Tattoo.

He's pretty much the man.
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Atlas, Atlas, Atlas. Here's an example of some on a Mechafite (the bird oriented ones). I've never seen bad work come out of that place no matter the artist.
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I too have heard that Atlas is the place to go in Portland.
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I got a tattoo from Marcii when she was at 21st Century and she's awesome. She's at her own studio, Lucky Lady Tattoo now.
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