have you seen this dress in other colors?
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I like this dress but not the color. Help me find others like it?

Here's the dress.

What I like about it:

knee length
fabric appears not clingy but also not boxy or billowy
v neck not too deep but not too shallow. looks just right.
the waist tie - very important
NOT polyester.

I'm agnostic on the sleeve, but any sleeve I wear has to be at least 3/4, and not tight.

I really like this dress but the color makes me sad. Would love suggestions of alternates! Patterns ok too. I'm not going to start dyeing stuff, please don't suggest it.

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Response by poster: also important, has to be avail in XL or equivalent ~16-18.
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Eshakti has dozens of dresses like this! They come in your size, and their whole thing is that they customize the items for you. So just find a dress with a fabric you like, and you can adjust the neckline (sometimes) sleeve length and skirt length (always), and you can also request a belt - just find a similar belt on another dress and write them a note to explain what you want. I’ve also successfully customized their items by asking them to lengthen a sash belt so it hung down longer, and lower a neckline by an inch compared to what the images showed.
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Eshakti has this cotton knit dress in garnet or black (customize the neckline & length). Site has lots of v-neck dresses, with waist ties/sashes & details you list, in non-polyester fabrics.
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Y'all, EShakti is great, but their fabrics tend not to have as much body as the example dress. The apparent body/thickness of that fabric is a wonderful thing to find.
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Eshakti has A LOT of fabrics- in their early days it was all silky woven polyester and stretchy knit jersey but now they have a lot more variety and some thicker fabrics too. For example this chambray dress - this specific design has a collar but they might be able to make it in a v-neck if you write a note to ask and sent a photo of the dress you like. And they could definitely lengthen the sleeves.
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This one is poplin which is a nice snappy kind of cotton.
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If you like linen, this dress from Not Perfect Linen on Etsy has snap buttons, a waist tie, long sleeves (that you could request shortened to 3/4 length), pockets, and lots of colors.
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If cotton knit is okay, eShakti has a "Tie Waist Cotton Jersey Shirtdress" which has the set-in waist and sash you like. It has buttons in the bodice so essentially a V-neck. The collar can be changed as well as sleeve length, dress length, and fabric color.
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Response by poster: I forgot to say I can't wear collars. Like anything "shirt dress" style just does not work; nor can there be buttons on the front unless they're just decorative (otherwise they will 100% gape open over my bust.) Also wrap dresses almost never work because they show too much cleavage on me; the exception might be from a vendor that specializes in modest clothing, they sometimes allow some extra fabric, but they tend to go to dowdy lengths.
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Best answer: Boden might be worth a look. If prints are OK, this dress is a little bit shorter than the one you linked, but most of their styles are available in long, which adds a bit of length.

(Apologies if this addendum is something you've tried already or know wouldn't work for you, but it sounds like you have some similar fit issues as I do, and I've found Second Base demi camis make deeper V necks and wrap dresses wearable. They give a little extra coverage without a lot of bulk.)
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EvaDestruction, that Boden blue print dress is great! I did not know of that site, love their esthetic, thanks for posting!
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I have sewed the placket shut over the bust on several shirt dresses to solve the gaping problem if that's useful. Has to be a dress that is sized so one can wear as a pullover of course.
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Also, the shirtdress style I ordered from eShakti has hidden buttons in the chest area to prevent any gaping. It was a happy discovery when I got my dress.
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