Do they make Rage Toys?
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Some friends of mine are Going Through It. We'd like to send a Anger And Venting care package.

All the support stuff is in good shape. They've got really great care coming from all angles, every kind of professional that can help is engaged, friends are on duty, HR departments are doing everything right, the financial horrors are as mitigated as normal people can hope for.

But my friends are scared, and angry with nowhere to put it because it's just bad fucking luck. One's already had their port placed and the other has bad shoulders, so a pair of sledgehammers and directions to a junkyard won't work. They have a pile of neurotic pets, so recreational screaming is a very limited option. They do have extremely dark senses of humor, but we're trying not to encourage it too much because it's such a fine line between shouting at the void and falling in it. They aren't afraid of a little silliness, though - there's been a fair amount of laugh-crying and cry-laughing.

What can we - friends near and far - make available for them to help with that terrified anger without too much physical exertion? Any techniques or books or media you've found especially helpful in getting that pressure vented healthily? Is there a special kind of bubble wrap for angry-popping? Rituals, mantras, coloring books, art, very small things they can blow up - all suggestions welcome.

And we all know that we don't really know what will help. As one of them and I bemoaned on the phone recently, everybody wants to write books about what to do about past trauma, nobody seems to know what to tell you to do when you're in it and you have basically had to opt into riding it until the ride ends, whenever that may be. We're just hoping to find some stuff that works sometimes, somehow, for a little bit of relief.
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Perhaps this could help with the silliness and cry-laughing: Dr. Chuck Tingle's Complete Guide To The Void
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Fiesty Stuffies
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I think there are alarm clocks you have to throw at the wall to turn them off. Might count as physical exertion (especially for the one with bad shoulders) but just in case.
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There are adult colouring books with pretty pages that say pithy things like Fuck This Shit.
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A piñata? It's a treat delivery system and an aggression release in one! If you're inclined to make one yourself you can tailor it to their personality and even make it easier to smash for their physical limitations. I have made more than one coronavirus piñata, as well as a hamburger and a "disco ball" for a bad-luck themed 13th birthday.
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Inflatable Clown Punching Bag?
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A couple of art-related ideas.

Ten pounds of oil based (non-drying) modelling clay is really good. You can punch the fuck out of it and it won't hurt. Tear it, fling it around, smack it down, just abuse it to heck. All in the name of art. Reusable, cheap, easy to put away until the next session.

Also, finger painting. Student-quality acrylic paint. Slap a bunch of it on canvas or hardboard. Smoosh it around. Poke it. Slap it (with an apron on, in the back yard say). I have hundreds of these I did during the last US presidential administration (and I sold a few, too).
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A karaoke machine set up for death metal? (Not sure if that's a thing but there must be options.)

If it's not too physical, a bag of flour so they can make a dough and take turns thwacking it? Satisfying and, if baked, good-smelling and edible.

Any techniques or books or media you've found especially helpful in getting that pressure vented healthily?

Gardening, to be honest - not anything physically intensive but just playing around with plants and soil. If sitting on the ground is hard, pots on a table can work too. Barring that, making myself stay in a nice park for some hours. Or a trip to the beach if geography permits.
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There's the classic Martian Popping Thing.

An actual arcade sized wack-a-mole game is probably out of the question, but there are toy sized version.

And so many bop bags to choose from.
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Dammit dolls are a personal fave for this kind of thing. Safe outlet for all your smashing, throwing, and squishing needs.
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There are a lot of profane/angry/sarcastic/subversive cross stitch kits out there. It's not as visceral as whacking a piñata or punching an inflatable clown, but you get to stab something with a needle and make angry art at the same time.

When I was in 5th or 6th grade, the music teacher came to our classroom and pitched the idea of percussion ensemble as an opportunity to hit things with sticks for an hour after school. Bongos? Xylophone? Cowbell? Steel drum? (timpani, bass drum, and gong are better for hearty whacking, but may be inadvisable in residential settings)
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Any chance they're geologist-types, or enjoy pretty rocks? If so, what you want is a handy bag of unsplit geodes, preferably in various sizes. I got a bag for my kids for Christmas, and it turns out "hit a rock with a bigass sledge hammer until it cracks open to reveal pretty shiny things inside" is exactly the fix we all needed.
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Play the really stupid card game Mr. Toast until you start laughing, and let the laughter toggle to crying. Repeat as needed; sometimes the laughter is good on its own, too.
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Smash Balls (aka Slam Ball).

Or, depending on where they live, a gift voucher for a Rage Room?
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I scream in my car and nobody hears it, so they can do that without annoying pets. Also, squeeze stress balls?
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My mom was having a tough time recovering from an injury one winter when I was growing up. Her cousin sent her a "Dammit Doll" with instructions on how and when to use it, my mom's was homemade, but you can also just buy one if you're not crafty.
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