How do you use your jacket’s central pouch?
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Some outerwear, like hunting smocks for example, doesn’t have a zip up the middle like a rain jacket and instead pulls on over your head like a sweater. These garments often have a big rectangular pouch on the front. What do you put in the pouch?

Sometimes the pouch has a top opening and two side openings. The side openings allow your hands to meet, but the top pocket goes to a separate chamber. At time of posting there are some examples of these kinds of garments here.

What are your tips and tricks for rocking a pouch?
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The top pocket is a consequence of the sewn-on hand pocket/muff and sometimes gets made available as a pocket. Putting something it in bulges and says just makes a you look to have a weird shape. Don’t use it, and save the other space for warming your hands.
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Not an answer to your question, but perhaps might help you when googling for tips and tricks, that style of jacket is called an Anorak. This Australian makes excellent ones.
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Best answer: I like to make myself look as lumpy as possible, so that I can be sure anyone who attempts to befriend me is doing so because they enjoy my conversation more than my appearance.

That aside, pockets are for using, and there should be more of them!

Things I have put in a central front pocket: extra socks (if I'm at risk of my feet getting wet, or just damp), keys, cat treats, seashells and rocks picked up from a beach or woods path, credit card/ID/cash if I'm traveling light and don't want to bring my whole wallet, and, of course, a kitten.
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Smartphone. Like they say, the best camera is the one you have.
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I have a hoodie with a pocket like this that is literally made to carry your cat around in (if said cat is into that sort of thing). I wouldn't say it's flattering to the human shape, but it IS very cute.

Small animal transport aside, I would use a pocket like the ones in your example for stuff like: paper, my phone, spare earbuds, pens/pencils, napkins, maybe some small snack items, hair ties, and maybe ID/money if I didn't want to carry a full wallet around. It is definitely the sort of thing one would use in a utilitarian capacity, such as when camping or traveling.
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I generally carry dog treats, poop bags, paper towels(for tissues or whatever) and some wipes. In cool weather, a hat & mittens. Phone is a good idea; this is easier than reaching the back pockets. For hiking, a spare plastic bag for litter.
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Game pocket? Stick your ducks and rabbits in there.
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Small animal transport aside...

Haha well actually hunting jackets usually have a pocket or pouch for carrying your small birds/animals around in. I'm not familiar with this style but that's what it looks like to me. I'm in a warmer climate so my hunting jacket has a mesh pouch on the back of the jacket for this purpose.
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I ski in one of these (the Buffalo mountain shirt) and put my wallet and glove liners if not using in there. I don't wear it next to the skin as recommended, I wear a Brynje underneath.
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lip balm

tiny notebook and pen

cards that say, "I'm not deaf, but I am resting my voice today" (or earlier variations on that)

granola bars

tiny cans/bottles of water

small plastic container of nuts


drywall anchors



animal training clicker

napkin or paper towel
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Could it be for stuffing the jacket itself into? Like a packable pouch jacket - 80s K-way style?
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Best answer: In the last century there were "maps" to help navigating across the wilderness. We used to keep the current "map" out of the horizontal rain in such a pocket, rather than at the bottom of a rucksack.
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All I ever use them for is keys. I keep everything else in either my pants pockets or jacket side pockets. But I usually don’t keep my keys in a pocket; I use a carabiner to hook them on my pants. Sometimes if I have an anorak pocket I’ll throw them in there just to save the energy it would take to clip them.
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That's where you put your Walkman
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I love a kanga pocket! What perfect timing. My mom has been digging up old photos and sending them to my brother and me the last few days. Here's one she just sent of me as a youth wearing the iconic old navy anorak.

Do you see the faint rectangular shape in my kanga pocket? It's a book. Always always always I'd use it to carry a book.

I don't have an anorak right now (that's a lie, I'm actually pretty sure I have that same one somewhere in the back of a closet) but if I did? Kindle. In fact when I bought my last fanny pack I measured first to make sure it would fit my kindle before finalizing the purchase. I steadfastly refuse to subject myself to any outdoor location without a book close at hand.
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Trash people have left on trails. All my other pockets have assigned items and I don't want to put junk in with them, plus having it in the way of the seatbelt or dangling awkwardly on a bike will remind me to actually throw it away before going home.
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Best answer: This is where your hands go when it's cold, preferably with a hand warming packet or two. I don't keep important stuff there as it's too easy to accidentally lose things when you pull your hands out. Never a nice way to end a hike, when you realize at some point your keys escaped.

If there is a separate top access pocket, this is where outing-specific things go: pocket knives, garden snips, bandanas, phone, keys, bags for collecting wild herbs or mushrooms, dog treats, etc.
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Hot water bottle when it’s particularly cold.

But, also maps, phone, keys in a small dry bag.
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