Reveals A Renaming (Anagrams Never Lie)
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How can I solve some Harry Potter themed anagrams I created from my kids' names many years ago?

When my kid was 6 years old, I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to her, and she was extremely enamored of the I Am Lord Voldemort / Tom Marvolo Riddle anagram in it. She spent possibly a whole hour making me write it down on paper for her and rearranging the letters to her satisfaction.

Naturally I immediately convinced her that in fact her own middle name was [weirdass bunch of letters] and so, taken together with her first and last name, it would spell "I am [Harry Potter character]", which was her secret identity, sshhh, don't tell anyone. I also created fake middle names + resulting Harry Potter character anagrams for myself and her brother. It was super fun. She actually believed me for several months, and then we both forgot about it.

Today I came across the [weirdass bunch of letters] I had told her was her middle name. But fuck me, I cannot remember what anagram I was trying to make from it! So now how can I reverse-solve this anagram to obtain the original Harry Potter character anagram I was going for? All of the anagram solvers on the internet only do dictionary words, not proper nouns - and certainly not Harry Potter character names.

(One tiny non-clue I have is that we also created a fake middle name for Hermione. She was supposed to be Hermione "Dissindi" Granger. I no longer recall what that anagram was either!)
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I find this anagram generator plays fast and loose with names, brands and other lexemes that aren't true dictionary words, and also offers suggestions over multiple words - you might be able to plug in some of the anagrams you're left with and see what name options it spits out?
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Response by poster: Okay with some extra sharp google fu I found a Harry Potter anagram solver! And with it I have figured out that we added "Dissindi" to Hermione's name in order to make her name fit one of ours. *facepalm* at this rate I am never going to solve the rest, because apparently we invented middle names both ways. But at least we have now solved one of them.

Marking this as resolved. Thanks terrutu for getting me thinking about different types of anagram solvers!
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If you want to me mail me, I could write a program which could compare your names to Harry Potter names and give you a list of which ones are close matches and what letters are left over.
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This takes longer, especially if you were using less-well-known Potter characters (plus the made-up middle names, which - god help you), but you may have some luck, and more fun, going analog: do you have Scrabble or Bananagrams tiles you can rearrange?
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