Somewhere to violin for about an hour close to the montreal airport?
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I'm trying to spend an entire year practicing my instrument every day (I have to play at least a little bit every 24 hours). Between December 11th (10pm) and 12th (8pm) I'll have a layover in the Montreal airport. I've never been to Montreal. Does anyone have suggestions for where I might be able to go to violin for an hour or two that's close enough that I'll not miss my flight?
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How about on the sidewalk outside? If not that, there are a number of public parks just south of the airport that are a cheap cab ride away.
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Best answer: Were you going to spend the night in the airport? If yes, I'm sure you can find a quiet gate or concourse in the wee hours. If I was a fellow passenger I'd love hearing someone practice.
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I double dog dare you to provide musical accompaniment to the pet relief area.
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Best answer: Inside the airport there are always empty gate areas where you could practice.

There’s also the covered airport parking lot, where you could set up and play, but warning it’s cold in Montreal in December. Not as bad as January or February, but your violin and fingers may not like this at all.

Given that you are in Montreal almost an entire day, where will you be staying? Will you be in a AirBnB in Dorval or Lachine or elsewhere on the West Island? There are community centres in each neighborhood. Or you might want to play where you will stay.
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Best answer: Could you play in the Montreal Airport Chapel if no one is there?
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You will not want to be playing a violin outdoors on the sidewalk in December in Montreal.

Sorry I don't have any suggestions, but I just want to make it clear that Montreal cold is cold.
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Best answer: Busk inside the airport, leave your case open. Make some lunch money.
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Best answer: The Montreal airport actually has a public piano in one of the gate lounges, so you can stand beside it and maybe someone will come play with you! Learn some XMas carols to increase the changes of this happening. The article I linked says it’s in the international lounge but I played one while waiting for a flight to Toronto so there may be more than one. The staff would know. Good luck, sounds like an opportunity for a fun moment of connection with a stranger!
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