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I'm looking for simple PC desktop (not mobile app) software to manage credit card expenses. I would just like it to import a statement and separate it into categories each month so I can track expenses. I would be ok with a one time fee, but not a monthly subscription. Does such a thing exist or should I just do it by hand in Excel?
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If you're at all tech-savvy, Actual just became open-source. You can self-host and it will do all the things you want it to.
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I used to use a variety of different services for this, but then I built out my own Excel workbook and have never thought about going back.
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I use Homebanc to do exactly that. I've implemented Elizabeth Warren's 50/30/20 budget in the software.
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For clarification: are you expecting the software to ingest a PDF of your statement(s) from the credit card company(ies), then "automagically" categorize what you purchased?
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Response by poster: I'd like to import a CSV and have it split into categories, but if need be, I could assign the categories myself. It would be nice just to have some automation to it, especially for ongoing tracking and things like that.
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You could try Moneydance, which has a free trial and is then a one-off purchase (including updates for a couple of years or so). I haven't done any online banking or importing with it, but it can import CSVs for example. I guess that after you've assigned a category to a transaction that next time you do an import, payments to/from the same company will default to the category you set before.

It's not the prettiest app but has been around, and gradually improved, for years and years.
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I've recommended Buckets here before. I know it does bank imports, although I haven't used them myself. It has an unlimited free trial, so it's easy to take a look and see if it works for you. Buying a license is a one-time fee.
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