Including the same ASP file across several websites all hosted on the same server?
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ASP include files. Is there a way of including the same ASP file across several websites all hosted on the same server?

I know this isn't experts exchange, but I know there's some very knowledgeable techies here :)

Basically, I have a functions.asp file which contains several useful functions (such as one that formats the date nicely).

Say I have 10 websites hosted on one Windows2003 server that all have their own copies of functions.asp. I want just one copy of functions.asp that resides in its own directory, even outside the wwwroot, that i want to reference, so every time i change one i don't have to change all of them.


< !--#include file="d:\include\functions.asp" -->

doesn't work!

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Here's what you do--put the file in a centralized directory, then make that directory a "virtual directory" on every site using IIS Admin. Then you can include the file from other pages.
posted by vraxoin at 12:55 PM on April 19, 2006

Derbs, "Classic ASP" doesn't have a build in include() or require() function that will do what you want. There is a work around, but it's a bit of a hack. What you do is

1. Read the contents of your ASP file into a string variable using the file system object

2. Pass that string to the execute (or is that eval?) function

Disclaimer: I am years and years removed from this.
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ah ha i think you have it vraxoin!

Would i have to use include virtual= instead of include file= then?

posted by derbs at 2:43 PM on April 19, 2006

Yes, vraxoin has it and you do need to use #include virtual and the path should start with a ~
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You'll also want to make sure the include virtual directory doesn't have read access turned on, assuming you don't want users accessing your include files directly.
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