Quiche me, you fools
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I like buying quiche at the local coop (bacon, onion, cheddar: quiche Lorraine). How can I fancy it up?

I slice it and freeze it and it's great to have as a standby dinner with a salad. Reheats well.

But I like to to fancy stuff up. Last time, I made a quick hollaindaise and poured it over. It was nice, but I feel like I'm not considering all of the options.

Can you think of other finishing methods for a leftover frozen quiche to make it a bit more splendid? Finishing sauces/garnishes for eggs in general?

Not looking for healthy unless it's great and I'm aware of the existence of Sriracha; kind of looking for something that will make it look and feel more special with a nice salad and a glass of wine. It's super convenient and good but extra fuss makes me feel nice and cared for and also clever.
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Best answer: Sautee some diced pancetta, caramelize onions in the fat, then serve over top the quiche!
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Best answer: Parmesan crisps, or shredded cheese then a trip under the broiler to crisp it up. (I like crisped and slightly burnt cheese I guess.)

Also chives (or scallion greens in a pinch) work wonders.
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In fall when tomatoes are booming I make a fresh salsa and pour it liberally over many things, including (egg-based) frittata - would likely work with your quiches as well and it's bright and light: roughly chop tomatoes into a bowl (squeeze out seeds), add chopped olives, fresh basil and glug in some red wine vinegar and olive oil. Mix it up and let it sit for a bit so flavours can meld, then taste it and add salt & pepper, balance the vinegar/oil, etc.

Optional: capers, different herbs, onions or garlic, different vinegars, anchovies.
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A tomato compote plus a simple and lightly dressed arugula salad. Maybe some finely chopped shallots too.

Or if you really want to go fancy add a dollop of crème fraîche and a scoop of caviar.
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Quiche is so rich and creamy that I think the acidic kick of a bruschetta topping would make it both more delicious and more colorful!
On preview: same idea as lulu68 above.
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Archive link for rodneyaug's tomato compote.
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Cover with garlicky sautéed mushrooms and maybe some snipped fresh chives?
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A dollop of pesto.
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Tarragon is excellent with eggs. Sprinkle fresh chopped tarragon on top, or make an herb dressing/pesto.
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I really like having piccalilli next to my quiche, it's a lovely sharp balance to the eggs. I just buy it in a jar but you can obviously make it yourself if you like. To make it extra fancy I usually expand out into a kind of charcuterie board - the quiche, piccalilli or other sharp/spicy chutney, some cured meats, gherkins or pickled onions, maybe a strong cheese, crackers. Basically any of the stuff you'd find in a fancy cheese shop or deli.
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Since quiche is soft-textured, would something crunchy on top taste good? Like chili crisp, or a mix of nutritional yeast and chopped nuts, or even something sour like tiny-chopped cornichons or other pickles?
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My go to side dish with quiche and salad - pan roasted new potatoes, with a bit of fried onion and bacon.
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Response by poster: I failed to convey how much I'm into it for the fat content.

I really love fat. If I could figure out a way to put mayonnaise on it without it being gross, I totally would.
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