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Do I need to go through "sportsman education training" in order to obtain a New York State fishing license?

In the general hunting/fishing application found here[PDF], it says:
you must include one of the following documents as proof of sportsman education training (emphasis mine)

But the only classes I see offered in the list are for hunting -- none for fishing. I don't want to hunt -- I just want to go fishing! Can I just send in the application without that required document? Or do I have to go take classes that have nothing to do with what I have to do?
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Well, looking at the application, there is a "sportsman" license. I would think the sportsman education training might be for that license, but I've never hunted or fished in New York State.

You might call the phone number at the bottom of the second page to be sure.
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Do you know anyone else with a license? What did they do? Do you have a scanner?
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You don't need to take a class. The form is confusing but only prospective hunters need the class for hunter education. What they meant to say is that for licenses where you need to provide proof of hunter education, only those documents are acceptable. I just got a (non-resident) license last september when I was home visiting my parents and it definitely wasn't a problem.
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