Best body shop in Boston?
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Good people of Metafilter, what's the best place in the Boston area to get a car repainted?

Actually, in addition to a repaint in a less obnoxious color, I'd also like some minor cosmetic dent removal. What are your recommendations and, secondly, roughly what should I expect this to cost?
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I have had very good experiences with Dick's Auto Body, as have the people I've referred to them. They do excellent work. Like all things, this comes with two drawbacks- they're popular, so you'll have a long wait, and they do a lot of work on high-end cars (they are the preferred vendor to the local BMW and Porsche car clubs, for instance) so their prices are higher than you might expect. However, the service and quality are so much better than other body shops I've dealt with in the area, which justifies the price to me.
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In the suburbs, I'll offer a personal vouch for Rocky's Auto Body in Norfolk. They do great work, and my family uses them for anything we need done. To be honest, I've never compared their prices to other shops — but that's because it's damn difficult to find a skilled, trustworthy body shop. I've known the folks at Rocky's for about 15 years. Maybe their prices are cheap, or maybe I'm paying a bit more; but either way, it's better than going with an unknown quantity.
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I'll put a vote in for Hynes Auto Body, who has a shop in Chestnut Hill and one in Allston. They've done some work for my wife and I in the past -- very professional, very precise, and we've had not a bad thing to say on the other end of it.
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Another recommendation in the suburbs:

I had a great experience with George's Auto Body in Needham, at 238 Chestnut Street. I understand that Ken's Auto Body, right next door, is essentially part of the same operation. These place(s) won Best of Boston at some point recently.

The guy was super helpful in telling me what could be done to fix my smashed car, gave me the standard computerized estimate that all the places seem to give now, and scheduled me for an appointment the following week. Also, before I left after getting the estimate, he grabbed a wrench and got under my car and re-attached some stuff so it wouldn't get any worse before I came back.

The dent removal and painting will vary widely in cost depending on the location and severity of the dent, and the type of paint you've got.
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