Ubiquiti configuration help, or replace with something else?
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About ten years ago, I asked a question about internet connection sharing between houses, and got great advice. Now, a lightning induced equipment failure means I need additional help.

Ten years ago I asked this question about sharing an internet connection between 2 houses using Ubiquiti Nanonstations. https://ask.metafilter.com/231325/Help-me-spread-the-wifi-through-the-trees-into-this-log-cabin

These nanostations worked great, and both appear to still be functional, but I'm having trouble getting them to work with newer routers. Can somebody help me understand in basic terms what I need to set each one to for IPs, and how to connect everything? I didn't take notes last time, and don't remember how I got it working.

If there's a better more modern solution, I'm open to that too.
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Were you happy with the speed you were getting before? If so, time to troubleshoot. If not, time to look for something different/newer.

If you have the Nanostations set up in wireless bridge mode it shouldn't matter what their IP addresses are. You would have trouble accessing them for monitoring/reconfiguration, but they should still be forwarding between each other just fine.

The easiest way to tell if they are still working is to plug one into one of the LAN ports on your main router at home and plug a laptop directly into the one at the cabin. The laptop should get an address on your main network and work on the Internet. If that works you can plug the Nanostation at the cabin into the WAN port of the new router there. (assuming you want them to be separate networks)

If that doesn't work it could be that they've been damaged or just that they've lost their configuration. Do you remember if you set them up with static IPs or if you set them to use DHCP? Different brand routers use different address ranges for the LAN sometimes, so if you set static addresses that might be why you can't access them.

If you've got no idea what I'm talking about it's probably easiest to factory reset them one at a time using the button on the physical device and set them up again from scratch. There are YouTube videos and instructional pages that come up high in the list when you Google "Nanostation wireless bridge setup".
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If you do decide to go with something new, I'd recommend a similar device from Mikrotik. The interface isn't as nice, but using their WinBox software you can access them without knowing the IP address as long as they're plugged in to the same LAN (or you directly connect a computer). Makes this kind of troubleshooting/reconfiguration easier.
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Ubiquiti has quite active forums and I bet they’d be willing to help you get up and running again.
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