Outdoor dining in downtown Seattle
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Looking for recommendations for outdoor group dining in downtown Seattle in early November.

(asking for a friend because Reasons, but can follow up with them for any clarification)

I am looking for any restaurant recommendations near the Seattle Convention Center.
- We'll have a group of 12-15 people.
- We could walk up to 10-15 minutes.
- It'll be in early November. I cannot be flexible on outdoor seating, even though the weather will likely be gross. A covered patio would be great.
- Price range is $$-$$$.

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The Victor Tavern at the Qualtrics Building (nee 2+U) (map, site) has an outdoor patio with ~20 seats. Google says it's a 16 minute walk from convention center.

It's in the middle of a large outdoor atrium underneath a hi-rise, and will be protected pretty well from the elements, except the cold. It's new, and I don't know whether they'll put out heaters, but they probably will.

I was there yesterday, and someone reserved the entire outdoor patio, so you might look into that.

Note there's another location in South Lake Union, I don't know whether they have outdoor seating or not.
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I meant to add, the website has pictures. This one shows the patio (behind the tree). This one, from the building's site, shows the patio (without tables) and gives you an idea of the coverage.
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The roof area of Mercado Luna might fit. Good $$ Mexican place just up Pine from the convention center. But I'm not 100% sure they'll have the roof open then.

There's a permanently covered area at the Pine Box, a bar with solid food but not sure it meets your fanciness level.

I like St Johns, a little further up Pine, and it will definitely seat that many in its back area. I like the food, I'd say $$. Sandwiches and such.

Mamnoon has a fairly large outdoor area that may still be open then. Very close and good Middle Eastern food.
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This article is current and looks pretty comprehensive. https://www.seattlemet.com/eat-and-drink/seattle-restaurants-and-bars-with-covered-heated-and-tented-patios

The only neighborhoods definitely within walking distance of the convention center are Denny Regrade and Downtown. A few Capitol Hill restaurants are in range but the group would need to walk up a steep hill. South Lake Union, Belltown and Pioneer Square are probably more like a 20 to 30 min walk.

Three of the closest options I would consider are Terra Plata (if folks are ok with an uphill walk), Frolik (if folks are not foodies), and Wilmott’s Ghost (no caveats).
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Seconding the roof at Terra Plata if the walk is manageable. I was there a few months ago with a group of 10ish and everyone enjoyed it. IIRC at least part of the roof deck was covered.
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