Trying to remember a radio program & host (i used to listen to)
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Trying to figure out a radio program that I used to listen to back in 2005-2008ish on Sirus Satellite Radio.

Back in the early and mid 2000s, I had a Sirius satellite radio subscription and used to listen to it a lot. I listened to a program (I am pretty sure on The Spectrum channel) and I know it would be broadcast on Sunday evenings (and re-played again through the week) and I am trying to remember the program/host. Can anyone help identify it?? Here is what I can recall:

- as noted above, it would be on Sirus (I think on The Spectrum),
- it was broadcast on Sunday evenings
- the host was a male,
- I am almost positive it was recorded from his home (or garage or basement) studio,
- I think he was in New York State (upper NY?), but I could be wrong on that one,
- I specifically remember he had an EXTENSIVE record collection that he would play records on,
- it was a music format show - he would set up songs/records and play them (no comedy or bits or anything like that). I know its not Tom sharpling...

One of the main parts I remember was the home studio and the extensive record library...

Does that ring a bell with anyone? Looking for the name of the show and host (and wondering if I can listen online as I don't have Sirus anymore!)

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Apologies if this is too obvious—Any chance it was Little Steven Van Zandt (of the E Street Band)’s Underground Garage?
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Best answer: Vin Scelsa? He also had Idiot's Delight on WFUV and I really miss radio shows like his.
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Response by poster: Hi - it wasn't Little was Vin Scelsa!!!! Thanks mandymanwasregistered!!

idiot's Delight was it! Thanks for the help and sad that its no longer around!
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