Word or Phrase for "So Cute You Want to Harm It But Not Literally"?
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There's specifically a word or phrase for the feeling of "oh my God you are so utterly cute I want to scrunch you into a million pieces" - the feeling of something being so overly cute that you ... I don't know, want to do harm to it in your expression of love, I suppose if you take it literally? What is this phrase?
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Best answer: Cute aggression.
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I just want to point out this from Wikipedia and suggest that if no English term turns up we model ourselves on Guatemala:

In some Latin American countries, like Guatemala, it’s referred to as “the thing.” For example; ese gatito me da cosa. “That cat gives me the thing”.

"The cat gives me the thing" completely gives me the thing.
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Squeeeeee ? (like, it's almost squeeze, but holds up before it get there?)
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I've always called it "nervio", inspired by this post.
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My spouse is a heritage Tagalog speaker and so we use "gigil" in our household.
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Before I heard the term "cute aggression," I always used to say "I will love him and squeeze him and call him George."
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Kind of like when holding a chubby baby saying "I could just eat those cheeks!"
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"Love you to pieces" is somewhat along the same lines. Similar phrases: "Love you to bits," "Love you to death," "Love you so much I could eat you up." Some more background here.
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The podcast Reply All had a whole segment on this phenomenon; link includes a transcript.
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Another Tagalog/Filipino speaker here, and +1 to "gigil" from Earthtopus!
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I wondered this forever because I feel like I have actually damaged my teeth from grinding them in response to what feels a tiny bit like wanting to bite my very beloved cats and yes, it's cute aggression.
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In my part of Twitter, I see the Indonesian word for this, gemes/gemas, used even by non-Indonesian speakers.
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previously on the blue, where I learned about “nervio” and lots of other terms around this
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My best friend and I call this "delight rage."
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