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What should I do in Hyderabad, India?

I'm heading to Hyderabad on business and it looks like most of my nights will be free. I will be there for a week and, as it works out, I have an entire Saturday with nothing to do.

Since I probably won't be back to that area anytime soon, I'm particularly interested in the "experience". I also want to bring back some stuff that I can put in my house and say: "oh that? Yea, i got that in India."

Any thoughts?
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What kind of stuff? You will find flea markets and 'tourist' bazaars in any large city in India, you should ask at your hotel or any people you are meeting at work for names / recommendations.

If you want something more than the normal 'ethnic' items sold to tourists (and some of them are remarkably pretty - I have plenty), you may need to be more specific about what you're looking for.
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Pearls. You must get pearls.
Hyderabad is known for them. Other than that, get wall hangings (the ones that are made of cloth). You`ll find onese that are usually hand made with intricate embroidery and/or ethnic designs.

Take the saturday to visit Mysore Gardens or the Mysore Palace. Do not miss out on "hyderabadi biryani" dinners.
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Go post a comment in the Livejournal Hyderabad community. I'm sure you will be able to get lots of ideas.
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Do not miss out on "hyderabadi biryani" dinners.
Yes indeed - Biryani is a speciality of the region - it's a meat and rice dish usually made with mutton - sounds plain vanilla, but when made well, it's divine. Be warned though - it's typically very spicy, so make sure you make your spice tolerance levels known when ordering.
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Streetfood. It has been 20 years since I lived in India (and visited Hyderabad), but I miss the streetfood. Just be sensible about it. Stuff that is fresh cooked is usually fine.

Besides biryani (which you must eat), Hyderabad has some unusual sweets. Eat those, too.

Seriously, I'd wander around and eat. Maybe hit a Hindi film or two, with more eating during intermission.
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hold on... a friend of mine lived there for most of 2004. i'll try to pick his brain and get back to you.
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From a friend who lives there:
1. Hyderabadi biryani at Paradise, Bawarchi's or Hyderabad House (in that order, probably). Biscuits from Karachi Bakery are a must for taking home.
2. There's a lot of little bazaars (bangles and stuff) around the Charminar area
3. There's the usual western style malls (Prasadz, Hyderabad Central and others in the Somajiguda/Punjagutta area)

Daytrips - Golconda Fort, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and Buddhist sites, Ramoji Rao Film City (for the desi film-making experience).

Websites will also help, the site
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