Deodorant/antiperspirant for the sweaty, picky person in a sticky summer
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It is really hot at my work, and I sweat a lot for reasons related to heat, nerves, and moving around a lot. I need a better antiperspirant/deodorant situation.

I currently use mitchum unscented gel. I don't shave my underarms and don't really want to.

What I like about it:
-Prevents some but not all sweatiness under the arms
-Has no scent
-Keeps me stink-free 100% of the time

What I don't like about it:
-It bleaches my clothes, which is why I am seeking a better option
-Doesn't fully prevent sweating armpits, I still sweat through my clothes with some regularity.

-Me not smelling bad is tops. If the product has a scent, it should be minimal and not overly chemical. Old-spice or "fresh" scents really do not work for me.
-Would like to stop ruining my clothes
-Sweating less is important, totally stopping underarm sweat may be impossible.

Does a product exist that will work better for me?
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Best answer: Secret Clear Gel Antiperspirant is amazing. It stops me sweating for a full day and hasn't damaged my clothes in the several months I've been using it. I don't know if they make an unscented option - I use a scented one - but I find the scent fades down and is pleasant. I'm not a super sweaty person but I do sweat through my shirt armpits when I'm nervous, and with this stuff I don't.
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Response by poster: I forgot to add that I have really sensitive skin!
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Best answer: Have you consided dress shields
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Best answer: I'm pretty sweaty and the only thing I've found that prevents pretty much all sweat is Certain Dri, but if you have sensitive skin that won't work because it will destroy your skin. I've recently started using Ban Unscented Roll-On and it is truly unscented and seems to be working really well (but we are in the new product stage when everything works well). But it's cheap and might be worth a try!
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Nothing stops sweat for me, but odor is stopped by application of Certain Dri twice per week in the evening PLUS a deodorant (not antiperspirant) every morning. That is less irritating to my skin than applying antiperspirant daily.

(Sweating and odor get WORSE for me when I shave. I theorize that it might work better for people who don't naturally sweat a ton, but for people like me, the hair is useful in keeping product from being sweat off as quickly.)
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Best answer: Ban is extremely effective and (to my nose) scent-free. I have used it for years, after my boss asked me to pick her some up on a trip to the States (when it was unavailable in Canada).
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Best answer: I like a combination of Thompson Tees (undershirt with armpit padding) and Schmidt's carbon deodorant, which is an odorless stick deodorant. I still sweat, but now I'm not smelly, and both the sweat and the deodorant are kept away from my outer shirt.
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Best answer: Dry Idea Clear Unscented is what I use. No problem with staining, no scent for real, and keeps my sweaty self stink-free. I've tried other things over the years but landed back on this - it's also easy to find.
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I don’t know if it’s true, but the gold standard for extra strength deodorant used to be Mitchum solid deodorant.

This isn’t what you’ve asked for, but have you talked to a dermatologist? They have treatments now that permanently kill your underarm sweat glands, so that may be a more tenable solution, depending on how seriously the sweating affects your life.
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Seconding Certain-Dri, specifically the roll-on. It is OTC and will keep you dry for 24-48 hours per application. Do follow the directions - if you don't and apply it right after a hot shower when your pores are wide open, it's gonna hurt.
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Best answer: I have had good luck with Tom's of Maine unscented deodorant. Doesn't stain clothes, keeps smell in check, and though it's not an antiperspirant it does seem to keep sweat at bay. YMMV.
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If your skin is sensitive, approach Certain Dri with caution. Start with one night per week, don't apply immediately after showering, rinse your armpits in the morning.

I can't believe I'm providing a photograph of my armpit rash as part of an answer on AskMetafilter, but here we are. Trust me when I say that it was even less pleasant than it looked. This is after one application of Certain Dri.
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Seconding secret clear gel antiperspirant. I have very sensitive skin, and it's fine for me. I use the "prescription strength" one that is called stress control or something like that. It does have a mild scent, but I believe the make an unscented one. I like the clear gel and feel it works better than solid deoderant.
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