Which design of umbrella is flawless, functionality -wise?
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This is not about beach umbrellas. https://threadcurve.com/types-of-umbrellas/ I don't know this website, but anyway there are some of them. Which are the best designed and why? Could you rate them (best, second best etc., all the way down to the worst? Which features should be a must in any umbrella?
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Response by poster: I know this space is for answering but I don't have an answer yet. I wish I had added flawless or close to it, and what feature would make it flawless?
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I have Wirecutter's recommendation, the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella. It's well made in general. The key feature IMHO is 9 ribs, which makes is extra sturdy and less likely to turn inside out.
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I don't think it's as much a search for the One True Umbrella as it is having the right umbrella for the job--which, for a lot of people, might be more than one umbrella.

The best umbrella to stick in your briefcase/backpack/glovebox/whatever in case you see some unexpected rain is not the best umbrella for your Appalachian Trail through-hike is not the best umbrella to impress your Patrick-Bateman-esque finance bro colleagues.

The best umbrella is the little paper one in a tropical drink. The worst one is the one you don't have when you need it.
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I live in Vancouver and I love the Hedgehog I got for myself. My sister, BiL, and mom all love the ones I got them.

It simply won't flip in high winds.

Rather pricey though.
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The right umbrella for me is one that I can throw in my bag or even a jacket pocket and then barely notice it for days when it might rain. As a commuter city person, I need to prioritize being able to carry everything I need for the whole day easily, and big honkin golf umbrellas are rude on sidewalks.

Therefore the best umbrella is the Fulton Superslim 2 which was actually recommended to me right here on metafilter. It is SMALL. It's lightweight. Something malfunctioned on the open/close mechanism shortly after getting my first one so I emailed the company and they sent me a new one all the way from the UK (which I haven't had a single problem with in several years of use).
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This is really a matter of personal usage needs. My perfect umbrella needs to be small/light first and foremost, have an automatic open at minimum though automatic close would be nice, and be able to stand up to some tough wind. Everything else is an afterthought. (Though in the Before Times when I commuted to work I would occasionally think wistfully of an umbrella with the ability to generate warmth and/or light, for cold/dark/wet winter commutes. The Blunt compact has turned out to be close enough to a flawless umbrella to stop me looking any further. If it could somehow be both smaller folded and larger unfolded, while still being sturdy, that would be great, but the balance seems reasonable.

Once in a long while I do need a bigger umbrella. I ended up getting a Blunt for that too just because I'd been happy with the quality and longevity of the smaller one, but I can't say that the bigger one strikes me as special in any way. All I ask from a big umbrella is that it provide better coverage than the little one.
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Came here to say get a blunt, strongly 2nd the above. If wind, especially, is at all an issue, these are the way to go.
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A friend bought me a compact-style one in Japan that had a different "feature".

Instead of popping open when you press the button on the handle and manual-close, it's the opposite. Manual open, and when you press the button, it snaps closed. It seemed backwards at first, but now I like that way better.

Is that what you're asking for?
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One piece flexible ribs that slide out are harder to break.

Asymmetrical design like the senz umbrellas helps to keep you dry without taking up to much space.

Reflective fabric helps for safety and sun abatement.
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Here's a Blunt in a wind tunnel test.

I used to sell their umbrellas in my store and never heard a negative comment about them from anyone who purchased. (I stopped selling them when they became available on Amazon as my store only carries non-Amazon products).

Above, people have linked to the Metro, which is their collapsible model. It's great if you want a collapsible umbrella.

I have their Classic for myself and the features I like about it:

- smooth opening and closing with a LARGE slider (the size of your hand), not a tiny pushable thing you use with your fingers. (Only their Metro has auto open. Other models are manual, which I prefer.)

- blunt ends so I don't feel like I'm going to be poking anyone's eye out.

- easily repaired if they break after the 2 year warranty (replacement parts are super cheap).

- ample coverage.

- incredible wind resistance.

- rubber handle that doesn't slide in your hand when wet like a wood handle does. Handle is also a good girth, not a little stick.
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