Is there a home for old (60s-70s) slides of factories?
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I seem to have inherited a box of 35mm color slides from a former engineer. The slides are from site surveys at different factories or mining operations, there are a dozen or so from each project. They're from things like "E. Paterson Forklift Operation" December 1971-January 1973.

Example one, example two.

They are extremely boring, there are rarely people in them, or any context for the pictures of things like a pile of I beams, or pouring of a concrete foundation. But they are documentary evidence of how New Jersey built stuff in the 70s.

It's a single Zephyr duofile slide box that holds about 120 slides, maybe there are 100 in there.

What should I do with them?
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This sounds like something Would be excited to preserve for future generations.
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Best answer: If you have a local history museum, they’d probably at least look at them to see whether they’d want them.
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Do you know where the mines are located? Geography influences potential answer.
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Is there a college/university archives or engineering library in the state where the operation was? It might be worth checking with the archivist or collection management team.
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The Library of Congress maintains a very extensive collection on Flickr, with much of it focused on Americana/history of places/"the way we were" kind of stuff. I have no idea how you contact the right person there, but there may be interest there (especially if they're well annotated).
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This is definitely something to donate to a historical society geographically related to the images.
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Best answer: The Hagley Museum outside Wilmington DE has a bunch of things like that, not sure of their geographic range. I think there's another industrial museum in Bethlehem PA.
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