Seattle minigolf?
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Mini-Golf filter: Best in the Seattle area?

About a dozen friends (adults) going for a two day mini-golf roadtrip to the Seattle area (from Canada), can anyone recommend good courses?
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Definitely /not/ the Seattle Center, that's for sure. You may stop by the 9-holer if you're completionists (or if you're checking out the Experience Music Project, which you should -- it's cool), but you'll be sorely dissapointed at the quality of the course.
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Thanks, which one is Seattle Centre?
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Seattle Center is the area where the space needle/EMP/pacific science center is. They have an amusement park there as well.

There really isn't a good answer to this, although if I'm mistaken I'd love to hear what the answer is. One thing I've commented on to friends in the past (coming from the east coast as I do- some good ones where I grew up, and when we vacationed a couple of years in a row in Myrtle Beach, SC we were amazed at the impressiveness of the mini-golf courses there) is the surprising lack of any good mini-golf courses in the Seattle area. There is an amusement place down south, not in Seattle proper (has a Bullwinkle theme, might be called Bullwinkle's or something) that has a mediocre but barely passable course. But in the Seattle city limits I don't know of any good ones- land is way to valuable to spend on a mini-golf course!
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Yep- that's the one I was thinking of, the "Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle's Restaurant" in Tukwila- so a good drive from Seattle. But be warned: if you're a mini-golf afficionado, the local courses including this one will leave you underwhelmed...
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There's one in the city at the Interbay Golf Course. Unfortunately it's one of those "natural" type of courses so there's no windmills or Eiffel Towers and such. Seattle is definitely not a mini golf destination. The tiny town I grew up in in Missouri has more than Seattle.

More car washes too, but I digress.
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There's a nine-hole course at Illusionz over in Issaquah, but it's crap if I recall correctly.
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It's worth mentioning that in the 80s, the minigolf at the Seattle Center was epic... awesome... perfect.

What they've done to it is nothing short of criminal.
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I like the Interbay course (they also don't mind if you drink on the links).

There's also the Rainbow Run course over in Redmond as part of the Willows complex.
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The course at Riverbend in Kent is pretty fun.
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ummm... lol, that google link doesnt match anything...
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