Renter's Insurance that Covers Pet Damage
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My landlord says I can have a cat but only if I provide proof that I have renter's insurance that covers pet damage.

I moved in to this building 16 years ago. At the time, I only paid a deposit to have my one cat. Now it's several years and three landlords later. My cat passed away, so I asked the current landlord if she would allow me to get another cat. In addition to the deposit, she wants proof that I have rental insurance that specifically covers any damage or possible safety or other issues with tenants in the building if caused by my cat (which, I checked, is perfectly legal for her to do). I know it's not great, but I have never had rental insurance and it seems like I should in any case. But I'm feeling overwhelmed by all the options. Some only say they will cover damages by dogs/dog bites. Others don't say anything about pets, but cover damage. Only one (Lemonade) specifically uses the term "pets" in it's liability coverage. This one is also pretty affordable, but I don't know if it's any good. My landlord is quite literal, and she will not be satisfied unless the policy specifically covers damage/ legal issues created by any animal (such as a cat).

In addition to Lemonade, I also looked into USAA, State Farm, and Progressive.

I would love to hear any suggestions.
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Renter's insurance is usually a big "bang-for-buck" purchase, so I agree with your sentiment that you should have it in any case.

If Lemonade has the word "pets" in the policy, and that will satisfy your landlord, it seems like they're at least as good as many and better than most gave them high ratings.
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When I rented my home several years ago, I was able to add Renters insurance to my Auto insurance for a nominal fee. I used Allstate Renters Insurance and if I remember correctly, the Liability coverage is what I was told would be used to cover this type of damages, as long as the pet I had was not on the excluded list. I would definitely contact them and verify, and you can even ask the agent to email you a somewhat specific explanation of what your policy will cover in regard to the pet. Insurance companies notoriously do not want to put too many specifics in policies. Hope this helps!
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Renters insurance is routinely really cheap and overall it covers a ton. I've purchased it for every apartment I've ever lived in, even when optional. One thing you could consider is asking your landlord what insurance is held by other tenants with cats, which would take out the guesswork for what would be accepted.
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