Non-Asshole Running Shoe Forum or Subreddit?
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Is there a forum or subreddit where a guy can ask a question about running shoes and not get flamed/piled-on/etc. by divas and assholes?

Like it says on the tin. I need to ask a few questions about some running shoes and, not being a hardcore, serious runner, I’d like to avoid opening myself up to getting piled-on by said hardcores. You know, the ones who will ridicule or talk smack about the shoe your considering because it isn’t the four-figure runned they have. Or something.

I know Reddit is a cesspool, but there are well-moderated subs in the pool, too, and I was hoping there might be a sub dedicated to the casual, non-pro runner, where I might be able to drop in and ask questions.

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I would be interested in this too, but have you tried asking here?
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Yes, there are lots of runners here who are nice, and you are welcome to ask here.
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Response by poster: I will eventually. I just feel like I need to find alternate sources, too.
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Can you name the groups you've tried so we know not to suggest them :). My mental ability to filter things out is pretty good though, so I kind of ignore the cesspool. I find /r/runningshoegeeks to be informed and not horrible.

The key with reddit is that the volume is high and specific subreddits tend to get the same questions over and over again. So to get a response it helps to be really specific in the title and keep it as short as possible. People on even the good subreddits tend to only read a line or two.

Similarly try local Facebook running groups. Their knowledge won't be as wide but people on local groups tend to try to be helpful and usually recommend normal people things. Like you won't get a $1200 Asics running shoe that only 5 people know how to get, but something reasonable that's available locally.
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I belong to Slow Runners Community on Facebook. It’s been extremely helpful, friendly, and encouraging. Regarding shoes - lots of differing opinions and suggestions since what works for one person doesn’t always work for another, but the group is always really positive yet honest but does lean toward “go to a running shoe store and try stuff on and see what works for you” instead of “Hoka or die!”
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meetup group of local runners?
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I haven't been an active participant in a few years but the Running Ahead forums were mainly non-assholes and were more likely to ridicule you if you bought one of the four-figure supershoes then if you were just running in whatever your local running store had recommended, and they look to be still active . (They will tell you to go to your local running store and get fitted, if you haven't, to at least find out if you overpronate/supinate/run with a neutral gate and what that means for what shoes you might want to start with)
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I've never noticed open crappiness on Running Shoe Geeks (although I've mostly used them to look up existing threads on specific shoes I'm already interested in, rather than asking for general advice)

Perhaps you already know about them, though.
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Yeah, despite its reputation Reddit is actually great for this. Thirding r/RunningShoeGeeks, and depending on your questions the FAQ in particular may already have the info you need.

More generally, r/running is supportive and shockingly friendly for a subreddit of its size and there are lots of very casual recreational runners active on it.
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LetsRun's forums are only lightly moderated but tend to remain civil for shoe recommendations.
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Not a forum, but Doctors of Running publish really great content on shoes, including super detailed reviews of just about every current running shoe in existence. They are all physical therapists and serious runners, but their vibe is super accessible and not gatekeep-y at all.
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I haven't read them for a couple years because time is short, but the daily Q&A threads on Reddit's /r/running were, and may still be, a great place for such questions. Lots of help, very few divas.
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