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How to build a grocery shopping list by selecting from a list of items that I have previously…listed

I would like to have an always-growing “Master List” of items comprised of items that I have previously put on my shopping lists. From the Master List, I would like to be able to click on certain items that I would like to add to a printable This Week’s List. If I add a never-before-purchased item to This Week’s List, that item will be added to the Master List. Does an iOS app exist for this? Is there a way to do this with Google Docs or Microsoft Office?
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Microsoft To Do can do this. The completed items are at the bottom of the list and you can hide or display them (probably hide before printing). I use this function for a travel checklist among others.
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The OurGroceries app works this way. I’ve never tried setting things up to print directly from my phone, but the app does let you send your list to a printer.
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Coming in to suggest OurGroceries. All previous items are sorted by “most recently checked off” by default but can be set to “common items (most often bought) first” or alphabetical.
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I use AnyList for this. It allows multiple lists, remembers things you've added previously and lists can be printed off.
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I do this in Google Keep. I used to have a paper list that I'd make copies of; having it accessible in my computer & phone is really handy.
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I use the Notes app on my iPhone. I made my grocery list, and my Target list into (separate) checklists and shared them with my husband so if he sees we are out of something he just checks off the item on the list. And as a bonus I have all the items on the list organized by where they are in the store, even down to what aisle they are in so it’s easy to scan as I am shopping. If it’s an item we haven’t bought before we just add it to the list in the right aisle, but now that we’ve been using the list for some time we hardly ever need to add items.
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Another vote for AnyList. In addition to a master list, multiple people can add to the list.
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Another vote for Google Keep. I even have different lists for different stores. It’s also great for packing lists (one for each type of thing— clothes, personal care, etc).
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I also use Google Keep for this. The checkboxes mechanism does exactly what you describe.
You make a note, turn on checkboxes, and add items. When you check them off, them move to a “Checked Items” section on the note which you can hide or unhide.
When you uncheck them, they move back up to the active part of the note. If there's an item that you no longer want in rotation on the note, hit the ‘X’ to delete it.
You can drag and drop items into whatever order works for you—I put things in roughly the order that I will encounter them as I walk through my usual store.
The *one* downside to Keep is that it doesn't notice or care if you add a new item that's already in your checked items.
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I sue ShopShop on iOS for this purpose. It's a free app from the early days of the iOS app store of the kind you don't see much any more - simple and single-use, with no account signup, ads or monetization.

It will totally let you add items as you wish, and it keeps a memory of past added items to select from to add to a list again. You can totally print and share your list via the usual sharing methods.
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Also use Google Keep for this with the checklist function.
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Another one for Google Keep. Super easy and even an idiot like me can figure it out. I love that I can access and update it on different devices and it automatically updates everywhere.

I also keep a separate list for each store I frequent, so that if I am going to Trader Joe's, I have a list for that particular store, another one for Wegman's, etc.
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