How, besides roasting, can I turn pumpkin seeds into food?
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I have grown pumpkins! They are delicious! They are super full of big fat pulp-covered seeds that also look delicious! I want to eat the seeds somehow, but I do not have the manual dexterity/endurance to de-pulp, wash, and dry the seeds so that they can be roasted. There's gotta be some other way I can turn them into food, right? ..... Right?

I'm a very adventurous eater, open to all sorts of flavours and textures. Not afraid of labour-intensive or time-intensive methods, I just can't do huge amounts of fiddly small hand work in one sitting, so washing/drying all the pulp off the seeds is a no go. I really want to eat these seeds! Hope me?
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All you really need to do is give them a good rinse in a colander (get your hands in there and squish everything all around) and then spread them on a rimmed baking sheet lined with paper towels. Once they're dry, bunch up the paper towels and rub rub rub. Find a roasted pumpkin seed recipe you like and don't actually worry about any dried pulp that's left.
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Agree with cooker girl. The easiest way is to fill your kitchen sink or a large bowl with lots of water. Put the seeds into a colander, place into the water, let them soak, an hour or more or even over night. After the soaking with circling motions gently rub the seeds against the colander. Let it all sit and the seeds will swim on the surface and the pulp sinks. Scoop the seeds off and repeat swirling with your hand until no more seeds swim on top. Don't worry about small remnants of pulp on seeds.
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There are Mexican recipes that use pumpkin/squash seeds as part of a sauce, but they're just as labor intensive, since you'll have to shell and grind the seeds.
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Seconding cooker girl method too.But googling got me this hack.Haven’t tried yet but looks simple using stand mixer.

I roast the pumpkin seeds and add spices .Its a good snack with tea.I add them while making granola bars.I make pumpkin powder for these keto buns
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I’ve had fairly finely ground up roasted squash seeds served sprinkled over a dish somewhere. Think like how fine you’d grind black peppercorns in a pepper grinder. Guatemala or Mexico somewhere it must have been.
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I use roasted pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts for basil pesto
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Best answer: We've pressed pumpkin seeds for oil with a Piteba. I suspect it would work with the pulp still on, so long as they were dried to the correct moisture content. Only worthwhile if you have multiple gallons of pumpkin seeds, I think.

I've also used the press cakes (the stuff left over after you squeeze all the oil out) to make faux-burgers and meatballs. I added them to a bean patty recipe, added miso or koji, and let it ferment for at least a day in a warm-water bath the way you would when making miso. You might be able to do something similar with seeds that were ground, pulp and all, in a meat grinder or food processor.
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