Fine dining w/Potomac River view?
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Seeking recommendations for fine dining restaurant with Potomac River view. Located between Old Town Alexandria to the south and Georgetown to the north. Bonus points for rooftop dining.
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You may want to check out either Ada's on the River or the Chart House.
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Best answer: Fiola Mare.
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Best answer: I think several restaurants in the new Wharf district would fit the bill. Of those, I've only eaten at La Vie, but here's what the dining room, set on the fifth floor of its building, looks like. All of those floor-to-ceiling windows look out onto the Potomac.
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Fiola Mare is likely the consensus best answer.
For something a little different, I'll plug Moon Rabbit at the Wharf as especially delicious and with an okay, but not spectacular view.
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Another vote for Fiola Mare!
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