Securing My Stuff At Coney Island
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Yes, it's an NYC-filter, and an NYC-beach-filter to boot. But I'm having a devil of a time finding this out - are there lockers I can use as a solo visitor to Coney Island to secure my stuff while I'm swimming?

So. I would like to visit Coney Island in a couple weeks and I will likely be on my own. I would like to do some swimming, and I would like to hit up a couple rides. I won't have much - a towel, keys and wallet and phone, maybe a book and a t-shirt to throw over my bathing suit - but there would be some valuables so I'd like to find a secure place to stow things while I'm in the water. At the very least I'd like to be able to stash my stuff somewhere just when I'm swimming, and then go get it when I'm out of the water.

I saw something about Luna Park having lockers, but I haven't been able to find any info about where they are, when and how often I can access them, how much they rent for, or suchlike. I tried searching on the Luna Park website and contacting them and gotten no response. I've tried asking on Reddit and have instead gotten a) warnings not to swim, b) warnings that the lockers must not be safe because "I grew up on surf avenue", c) suggestions to stash it with a lifeguard, d) suggestions to stash it with the owners of a sandwich shop in the subway station, e) recommendations for a dry bag I wear while swimming, f) a suggestion to just stash it by the water "and it should be fine", and g) a speculation that a bike valet which "might" be at the Cyclones stadium "might also" watch my stuff. None of this is concretely addressing my question.

So: a) are there lockers at Coney Island and if so how does that work, or b) does anyone have any other ACTUALLY PRACTICAL ideas for where to stash my stuff while I'm in the water at Coney Island?

Alternately, if you know of another NYC beach that has lockers, I will consider that as an alternative, even if there are no rides.
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I regret to report that when I have gone swimming there alone, I have always just left it on the beach and prayed and it was always OK (but definitely might not have been, oops).
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I don’t know the answer, but if you have a Twitter account, the official Parks Dept. account of @NYCParks is responsive to questions.
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Best answer: My kids and I got one of these ages ago, for use at beaches and pools: a portable lockbox with a loop you can put around a bench leg, or a bike rack, or anything big and hard to move. I did not remember it being so expensive. But we have found it very useful. It's just big enough for a key, a wallet, a phone.
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Last time I went to Coney Island, and it was quite some time ago, I asked someone on the beach to watch my stuff. YMMV
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Response by poster: Well I Never - well, I never! That looks like a REALLY good idea. I could even ask the lifeguard if I can lock it to their chair for additional safety, maybe.
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Are there any cell phone charging stations? There are beaches here with tiny lockers to place cell phones in for charging that also double as a place to stash a wallet and other small items.
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