Can you make macOS Finder show image titles & captions in gallery view?
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For reasons, I'd like to make it possible for someone to view a collection of photos in ordinary folders on macOS. The ideal solution would be if the gallery view in macOS Finder would show titles and captions. But I haven't found a way to make it do that. Is there?

The macOS Finder gallery view has an optional right-hand column, and if you select all the possible metadata options in macOS Finder, it will show you EXIF and other data in that right-hand column for a selected image in a folder. Unfortunately, that info panel lacks the title and caption fields. My guess is that it's because the title and caption are written in a different metadata format, not EXIF but IPTC or XMP.

Is there a way to get the Finder to show those fields in gallery view somehow? Maybe I'm overlooking a setting or trick. Alternatively, has anyone come across a Finder plugin or extension that would make it show the title and caption fields?

(I formerly used Aperture and now use Capture One to edit photos, in case the authoring software is relevant.)
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Response by poster: I neglected to mention that the images are mostly in JPEG format.
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Your guess that only EXIF metadata can be shown in that panel is probably correct. I just tested a few jpegs that have all their IPTC fields filled and I can't get any of it to show up.

Adobe Bridge is free and relatively lightweight. It's primarily meant to be just an asset manager, and as such it has a mode that's similar to the MacOS gallery view -- except you're able to see both EXIF and IPTC metadata.
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You can get Finder to show the file name down at the bottom of the window by using View>Show Path, but that's about as close to a caption as I think you can get with gallery view
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While it won't solve all of your problems, the best solution I've found for viewing photos on a Mac is to use Preview. Navigate to the folder that contains your photos and Open the folder. There will be a navigation pane on the left and the full image on the right. Useful for scrolling through a batch of images using a larger format than a thumbnail.
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