Tell me about your version of "steak and eggs"
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It seems like whenever I order a steak at a restaurant and take leftovers home, someone says "steak and eggs tomorrow morning!" Which sounds great, but I've never found a preparation of leftover steak + eggs that is really satisfying. Do you have a great version that works well with leftover steak? Tell me about it!
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Thinly slice the steak, throw it in a medium-hot pan with butter. Let it warm a bit and allow the steak juices to start flowing then throw an egg in the middle. Cook egg to doneness you like and then put it on a plate. Maybe a touch of hot sauce? If the steak came with mushrooms, even better. Or start the mushrooms first, then steak, get juicy, add egg.
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I always order rare, so I'm not sure how well this would work with other doneness levels, but I basically sous vide it, aka heating it in a heat proof plastic bag in simmering water until it's warmed through, give it a quick sear in some butter and slice it before adding it my eggs right before they're ready to come out of the pan.
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Biksemad! The Danish version of a hash. Dice an onion, and cut a large potato and your leftover steak into cubes of 1x1 cm. Now first gently cook the onions in butter on medium-low till they are soft with a tiny bit of browning. Put them in a bowl, then do the same with the potatoes. Put the potatoes in the bowl while you quick-fry the steak cubes on high heat, in oil or clarified butter. You don't want to overcook the meat. Now mix all three elements in the pan, and season well with salt and pepper. Put on a hot plate while you fry an egg, as you like it. Before putting the egg on top of the biksemad, season with Worcester sauce and ketchup.
I just had it with leftover lamb today.
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I like pointing it in the direction of bibimbap: slice and heat the steak however you want, and serve it on top of a bowl of rice with an egg, a large dollop of gochujang, and kimchi or any leftover/pickled greens you have around. This is my sloppy and easy approach; far better is this here recipe for outstanding Korean-style steak and eggs, which requires more planning.
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Where I live, "steak and eggs" is like "bacon and eggs" — not a single cooked dish, but two separate ones that inevitably run together a bit as you eat them. So there's no recipe needed: just heat the steak (leftover like this, I'd probably chop it and fry it up in butter like others are suggesting), fry the egg separately, and serve them on one plate.

Eat them with buttered toast (good for soaking up yolk, grease, blood, and other tasty breakfast mess) or, if you want to get fancy, hash browns or breakfast potatoes. Tabasco sauce is also a nice addition.
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Heat oven to 375. Smear butter in ramekin or two or three. Line with sliced tomato and sliced or chopped steak. Break egg into ramekin(s), then put on a baking sheet. Bake 10 - 15 minutes, or until egg is set and white has solidified a bit. Let cook an additional minute in open air once removed from the oven. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve. Pop a basil leaf, some horseradish, a dollop of pesto, or whatever you like into the ramekin(s) before you break the egg in.
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Yeah when I make "steak and eggs" it's really just warming up the steak a bit (slick thickly, briefly warm in hot pan, not long enough to cook much more though I start with medium-rare so have a little wiggle room) and serving it next to eggs made in whatever style sounds good to me at the moment. Maybe with grits or homefries on the side. Bit of ketchup or hot sauce is also very nice with it, even if you don't usually have that with your steak.

But more often when I have leftover steak I make hash, and hash is so very good. mumimor's comment above is pretty much how I make it, though often I'll cook the potatoes and onions together (especially if I'm using leftover potato from the steak dinner, which doesn't need to be cooked further), then add the cubed steak. Leeks work in place of or in addition to the onions. It's also great with sweet potatoes or celeriac instead of white potatoes. If you've got some leftover horseradish sauce, it's an excellent accoutrement.
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Slice the steak thin and gently warm it in an uncovered pan. Cook the eggs in a separate pan. Make buttered rye toast. Add a dollop of Houses of a Parliament sauce to the edge of the plate.
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I take a tablespoon of olive oil, chopped clove of garlic, dried garden basil, a grind of pepper to start, cut one medium sized red potato into thin half moons, throw it in to the stir fry, slice up a red pepper, throw that in, add some seasoned salt of choice, I like Spike, stir, stir, add some celery pieces. Cherry or chopped, fresh tomato, if you like. After the potatoes start to soften, throw in the steak cubed to your bite size, get it warm, put a lid on this for a minute low medium heat, then clear an area in the middle for your 2-3 eggs, add a little oil there, then put the eggs to fry. Don't bother turning them, add drops of tabasco, if you like that on eggs, or feta pieces, put the lid back on until the eggs are as done as you like them. Slide this all out into a deep bowl, and enjoy.
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Honestly the big thing is to make sure the egg is decently seasoned. I've generally been underwhelmed by steak and eggs in the past, but if you get enough salt and pepper it does pop and fine alive.
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Another data point chiming in: steak and eggs is just steak, and also eggs.
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While it's only technically "steak and eggs", what I like to do with my very, very rare leftover steak is chop it up fine and add capers, finely chopped onion, a bit of Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper. Then I mix it with a raw egg and have it on toast as a pseudo-tartare.
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Cold steak. I will die on this hill. Eggs just however you like them.
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@LadyOscar OMG! That is sooo delicious! That's the way my Grandfather liked it! I had forgotten all about it
until I read your post! Thank you!
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