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I need suggestions - help please! 🙂

I'm not ashamed to admit it - I love true crime podcasts. I've listened to many - here are some I've liked and some I've hated. Does anyone have any suggestions for ones I can check out now? A lot of what I find on Spotify are really... not good.

Ones I liked:

Dirty John
The Dropout
Bad Blood: The Final Chapter
Dr Death
First Do No Harm
The Shrink Next Door
Serial Season 1
Conviction Season 3 (the Disappearance of Nuseiba Hasan)
Ronan Farrow's companion podcast to his book

Ones I hated:

To Live and Die in LA
Anything that Payne Lindsay is involved in
Tiger King
Over My Dead Body
This is Actually Happening
Crime Junkie
Anything from Audiochuck really
Something Was Wrong
Even the Rich (not always true crime but I hate the hosts)

Anything else out there I should check out?
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Offshore Season 1 is about two murders in Hawaii generations apart, and how they are similar. Race and power elements.
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Best answer: If you're not complete over it (which you may be), the CBC Uncover season on Escaping Nxivm was pretty great. But I am aware that Nxivm content is a little omnipresent these days.
And also out of Canada, I really enjoyed Chameleon: Wild Boys
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Best answer: True Crime Conversations is great.
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Best answer: It’s more about a cult than true crime, but you would probably love this podcast about Heaven’s Gate. One of the best I’ve ever heard.
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Persona, if you're into ones that are about fraud rather than murder.
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I really liked Season 3 of Serial. You might also like the Trojan Horse Affair. This Podcast Will Kill You isn't crime-related but there's still plenty of death and it's quite compelling...
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Best answer: Dave Cawley is an investigative journalist for KSL radio. He has a podcast called Cold that covers the Josh Powell murders in a series of about sixteen episodes, and a second series covering the murder of Joyce Yost. I found both series absolutely riveting, and I don't even listen to podcasts very much. Highly recommended. Available on YouTube, the KSL website, Google podcasts and probably many others. He's very progressive, and wonderful to listen to.
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For series/seasons about a single/related crime:
Bear Brook
Case Closed (seasons 1-3; ignore the more recent episodes in the feed)
Cold (warning, includes first-person audio/diary entries that are disturbing)
West Cork
I'm Not a Monster
Last Seen
Uncover (agree about the NXIVM season above, but some of the other seasons are also interesting - they vary quite a bit for me, so I would try an episode or two of any season to see if they appeal)

Podcasts about true crime that are more stand alone episodes, but might appeal to you:
Criminal (a very broad definition of crime)
Crimes of the Centuries
The Vanished
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Best answer: Oh, there's a lot of great stuff out there! I loved Conviction Season 3, and I also loved Conviction Season 1. (Season 2 I had a hard time getting into.) Here are some others:

Gone South, unsolved murder of a woman in the New Orleans area, possibly living a hidden life
Bear Brook, unsolved murder of two unidentified people in New Hampshire with a great twist at the end
In the Dark, each of the two seasons covers a different unresolved crime, both are excellent
Missing and Murdered covers two different cases of missing indigenous women in Canada, a fascinating insight into the struggles of indigenous communities in Canada
Death in Ice Valley, a cold case about an unidentified woman in Norway with a potential spy angle
I Was Never There, an unsolved missing person case, more about the life of the person who went missing and her central role in a countercultural community in 70s/80s West Virginia (it's told by two people who knew her personally), but very well done
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Best answer: Rob Grimminick has two series, "Into the Killing" covering solved cold cases and "Criminally Listed", covering obscure cases with common themes. Available on YouTube or other podcast outlets.
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Best answer: I think you would enjoy "The Dream". It's not exactly "True Crime" but it's investigating stuff and has high production values. The first seasons is about MLMs, which SHOULD be a crime but it goes into the political mechanization that protected the scammery, and the second season is investigating wellness.
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Best answer: Your likes and dislikes very closely resemble mine, so I think that you'd also like the following:

Swindled (my all-time favorite podcast, ever)
Betrayal (CW: sexual abuse of a minor)
True Crime Obsessed - the funniest podcast about crime, the hosts watch a documentary and then talk about it, adding their wit, personal stories, and impressions.
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Not always True Crime, anything by Dan Taberski is always good. The two most-true-crimey are Running from Cops and especially The Line.

S-Town is great, though not what you'd probably categorize as True Crime, though there are crime elements.

Casefile is just a single anonymous Australian narrator and usually just one crime per episode, but there are some multi-episode series including great series on Silk Road and the Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist.

I haven't listened to much of You Must Remember This, but their series on Charles Manson's Hollywood was really good.

A few others that are more or less true crime, especially if you squint your ears: The Missing Crypto Queen, Jon Ronson's Last Days of August (anything by Jon Ronson is great!), Slow Burn (each season is a different story in politics, but the first was about Watergate), Swindled (single narrator; two crime-ish stories per episode), Caliphate (some or large parts of this were faked by the reporter, but it's a gripping narrative!), Ear Hustle (first couple of seasons were must-listen; about life inside San Quentin prison), Rabbit Hole.
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Best answer: Your Own Backyard, about the disappearance of Kristin Smart in 1996. Episode 1 is here.

The host Chris Lambert struck me as among the most genuine and least exploitative podcasters involved in true crime (refuses to include ads, really cares about the family and their input, is cautious about journalistic/legal/ethical considerations for the case...). The podcast is also credited with generating interest and leading to actual action in the case: after it aired, there were major developments, and the trial for the case is going on right now in California.
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Someone already recommended the CBC Uncovered Escaping Nxivm season, but I also enjoyed the ''Satanic Panic'' season of that same series.
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Best answer: The White Saviors is a podcast from Canadaland about alleged fraud at one of Canada's largest charities. It'll be of interest to folks who liked the two Theranos podcasts.
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