Four days in Copenhagen with toddlers
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We'll (3 adults, 3.5 year old, 1.5 year old) be in Copenhagen later this month for a short trip. What are fun, manageable things to do with young kids?

I haven't been to Denmark in years, and certainly never with kids. What activities would be great for young kids? Where should we eat? We'll be bringing a stroller, so mainly walking and using public transportation. We need activities with toilets nearby for our potty-trained kid. Assume we're up quite early and in bed by 7pm.
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Best answer: Tivoli is insanely expensive, but it is nice even with very small children. Grøften is a more relaxed restaurant there, I'm sure they will be helpful if you tell them ahead that you will arrive with toddlers.
There are many playgrounds all over the place, for small children, the ones in Kongens Have, Østedsparken, and near the Little Mermaid at Langelinie are all good. All have good (clean) public toilets nearby. In the historical center, there is a playground for toddlers near the main pedestrian street, on Nikolaj Plads, and the café in the old church there has a good reputation (I haven't been for some years now). The church has been converted into an art gallery, and often has good exhibitions.
There is a a popular café in Ørstedparken, but it is also very close to the food market called Torvehallerne, so you could buy food there for a picnic lunch.
The Zoological Museum is very popular with small children and has a nice café.
If the weather is still warm, maybe start the day with a trip to the beach? Either Bellevue or Amager Strand, both easy to reach by public transportation.
A harbour boat tour is fun. or you could take the harbour bus/ferry to Reffen, another food market, it's cheaper than the tour boats and maybe better with toddlers because it doesn't take an hour.
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Reffen is very good - we went there this April without our kids, but they would've loved it. There is an open-air rock climbing wall nearby if you are into that kind of thing.
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I wonder if they would like a visit to Sømods Sweet shop as much as I did - candy in beautiful glass jars to pick from.
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There's a driverless train in Copenhagen. I remember it being pretty cool to be able to look out the front of the train, and that might amuse your older child.

If memory serves, they sell waffles on the street and they're delicious.
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Hej, I was just watching one of those silly "ten things you shouldn't do in random country" videos. And I realized that one thing you should do in Denmark for a much better experience is be polite.

An example: when you check out at the supermarket, you say hello to the cashier (you don't have to speak Danish). Then when you get the amount, you say thank you, and when they offer you a receipt you say yes please or no thank you and then finally you say goodbye, and thank you. The same applies everywhere, and though I recommend tipping in restaurants* (just round up, not a large amount), politeness is much more important in a country where everyone earns a living wage, but resents being treated like a robot.

I'm not saying every Dane does this. Contrariwise, I often find myself biting my tongue when the person in front of me in a line forgets because they are on their phone or something. But I'm saying you will have a better experience.

*I round up in taxis, too, but generally, no tipping.
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