Film with emotionally resilient male character?
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Just saw an extremely engaging film about a 16 yr. old girl living through trying times in 1980's Ethiopia ("Fig Tree" by an Ethiopian-Israeli writer/director) and, though I'm not young or female, felt I got a lot of insight and inspiration from the depiction of the main character. Would appreciate any recommendations for similar films, perhaps with a male main character.
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Sugar Cane Alley.
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The Apostle.
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Empire of the Sun
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Not a film, but two seasons in, it seems Ted Lasso is not actually about soccer, but about its male characters striving for emotional resilience. Some are succeeding, others aren't, but it's quite lovely to watch.
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Ivan's Childhood
I am Twenty
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Small Faces comes to mind. As do This Is England, Tomboy and Ken Park.
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My Life as a Dog
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C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005)
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