Please find me the dress/romper/jumpsuit thing
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I think I'm a good internet searcher, but I've googled and google lensed, etc and followed every link in this reddit thread, but OMG, I just want to own 17 versions of this dress/romper/jumpsuit with pockets.

I don't care if it's the brand that's maybe in the video (janpa?) or whatever. i just think that I might survive the rest of August and September in the Mid-Atlantic if I could wear what that lady is wearing.
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Freaking adorable! Is this it? Sack wide legged jumpsuit
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Best answer: If you look on Amazon for "harem jumpsuit" you'll find some similar options. I might have to order this one! Doesn't look like it has pockets though.

These are more like overalls, but you might like them too. I have a pair and wear them multiple times a week. This definitely has pockets!
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Best answer: I bought one in person this summer from a Buc-ee's (a Texas megastore/gas station). I couldn't find the brand online, but I found similar:
from Shein
from Amazon

I think a key search term may be "harem jumpsuit" for the "SURPRISE! it's pants" effect.
Warning: When I wear mine, it sorta looks like I'm wearing a diaper. I still wear it, but YMMV for whether you want to wear it out.
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This was a popular style for clothes made in Indonesia (Bali) so I'd check your local import shop.
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So cool! Lots of similar ones here (Tho I don't think it says if it has pockets or not but there's an 'Ask a question' button for each item).
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Best answer: I have that! I got it locally in Maine at Mexicali Blues. It is insanely comfy and their clothes are ethically sourced, so I encourage you to get it from their website. There's also a version made from sari fabric.
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Best answer: All Japna with pockets:
Blue tie dye in S
Grey tie dye in M
Black and white print in XS
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Best answer: So I purchased that actual one last year at TJ Maxx from their online store (not in person). Here’s the info from the order: JAPNA
Juniors Floral Printed Handkerchief Jumpsuit
style#: 1000656965

Since it is last year’s model, so to speak, I am not sure if you will be able to find that exact one. Good luck!!
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In case anyone can sew, or is owed a favour from someone who can sew, I found a pattern (byo pockets)
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Osei Duro makes lots of jumpsuits in varying sleeve lengths that might suit your fancy.
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Response by poster: I came back to report that the one I bought as "test" if you will arrived and I adore it. I'm not sure if it's outside clothes yet, but I WFH and have almost 3yr old twins so who even needs outside clothes? I bought a size bigger, the straps adjust shorter (good thing) and it gives ALL the flowness. And POCKETS! Definitely not as silly flowy as my source video, but I'm really enjoying August in it and will either buy another or seek a similar style in Jersey. RECOMMEND. Thanks for all the links that got me there!
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