A lovely little baby girl! What will you name her?
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My brand new Sony Ericsson W600i needs a female name to match its orange-red exterior.

All Bluetooth devices need a name to connect, all my small portable electronic devices are female (psychological analysis of my condition welcome!).

Examples of current names for my tech devices:

Laptop name: Katie, Workstation name: Brunhilda, Black iPod Name: Raven, Name of Retired Nokia Phone: Grace.

Hope me Metafilter, you're my only, umnn.. hope.
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Lotus! Origami! Orchid! Lex, Vix, Rex, Roxie...
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OOohhh... Lotus... I like! Orchid isn't too bad either.

Waits for the rest of the MeFi hordes
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Lucy or Leeloo or Lola
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Pick a Swedish (Ericsson) or Japanese (Sony) name?
I've always been partial to Lucia.
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Red Sonja?
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Thanks for the suggestions everybody, Lucia won!
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She's slim, hot, redheaded ... and she lights up: Gilda!
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Aw. Pippi was perfect for a red phone.
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No way, my laptop is named Katie also!
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Oh, congratulations, and treat her well. My w600i got yoinked right out from under my nose last Friday, and I barely have it in me to get another cell phone. I wound up posting a Missed Connection on Craigslist for it, in fact. Something along the lines how I assumed it'd be going home with me after the the show...how I can't afford to let something like this slip through my fingers, etc, etc, we were always together. Enough about my loss, though, for this should be a happy time, filled with joyous anticipation of your new life together. Mazel Tov!
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Bonita Applebum
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she's dead, Jim.
posted by onalark at 5:25 AM on June 18, 2006

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