remedy for stretch marks on chest?
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My friend (39F) gained some weight, then lost some weight, and is pretty bummed out about some stretch marks on her breasts. Does anyone have direct experience with a product that works to lessen these, or can anyone speak to the efficacy of the laser treatments that are offered or anything else? Thanks in advance!
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For new stretch marks, the most effective topicals are hyaluronic acid and trentinoin. HA can be purchased relatively inexpensively in bulk online, trentinoin may be prescription only depending on her location. For either one or both, she will need to massage it in for a few minutes, and repeat this every night for at least 6 months before results will be noticeable.

Other methods like laser treatments will really vary depending on the size and depth of the stretch marks. The best solution is to book a consultation with a good cosmetic dermatologist. is a good place to go for reviews of clinics in your area.
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