Help me find a knock-off of Jane Russell's earrings
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I was recently rewatching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and found myself transfixed AGAIN by Jane Russell's spectacular earrings (apologies that this is the best clip for this). I have spent some time looking for something similar on line (they don't have to be identical, or fancy vintage, or whatever). I'm not made of money, but I love for statement earrings, and I like supporting small designers. Thanks in advance
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For statement earrings that look nothing like those amazing ones worn by Jane Russell, you might check out Otie aka Cotton and Clay. They are a small, woman owned maker. They use clay and resin and their earrings are fun and very lightweight. They have an online store and also introduce new batches periodically - I find following their Instagram page best for knowing when this is going to happen, as they have a following.

Hopefully someone can get you closer to the Jane Russell ones... Those are indeed spectacular!
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Best answer: Not sure how much it would cost, but this designer made replicas of some of her other jewelry and could do something custom...
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Have you tried looking on Etsy? There's lots of hand made jewelry on there.
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I think your best bet is going to be vintage costume jewelry. If you don't have local options, Etsy sellers sell jewelry lots and earring lots like this one. Many fabulous choices on just that one listing. Vintage earrings will often be clip-ons, but it's easy to get those turned into posts or wires for pierced ears.
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Best answer: This isn't quite the answer, but it looks like you have a rectangle bead with some wire wrapping spirals. If you wanted to DIY, this would get you the spirals, and then you need some type of blue rectangle bead (something doesn't seem to be available), but you could use this type of bead and paint it blue, or adapt a blue-rectangle set of earrings by adding those wire spirals.
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Best answer: Bakelite earrings were immediately what I thought of looking at those. This seller appears to do a mix of vintage pieces and designs repurposing vintage jewelry, and while nothing looks like the Russell pieces, does favor colorful, strongly geometric designs.
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The designer Karyn Cantor at Classic Hardware could probably recommend something if she doesn’t have similar earrings in stock.
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Best answer: Per costuming sheet, Russell's earrings were turquoise and silver; scroll down for close up. Pinterest shot. Etsy with some Art Deco inspired earrings.
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Not quite as glorious as Jane's (and never apologize for sharing that scene!), but Leetie Lovendale does some wonderful, colorful vintage earring looks.
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Response by poster: These are all the best and most fun answers. I love all of these earrings!
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I'm afraid I can't help you with the earrings--but I'd like to thank you for the link to that clip. Holy moly!
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