Do Covid Exposure Notifications Cross State Lines?
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If I have my state's version of the Covid notification app that's based on Apple and Google's Covid tracking technology, would I get notified if I was exposed to someone from another state?

Yesterday I woke up to a notification from MassNotify (the Massachusetts Covid exposure notification app) that I had been exposed to someone who later tested positive over the weekend. (So far, no symptoms and rapid tests are negative, so fingers crossed but I think I'm still Covid-free).

The odd thing is that I wasn't in Massachusetts over the weekend, I was attending a wedding in Seattle. So does the app (which relies on underlying technology from Apple) connect the databases of the different state departments of health, meaning I would get notified if I was exposed to a Seattleite while in Seattle? Or does this mean that the person I was exposed to was also a Masshole? (Certainly plausible, since the bride's family is from here).

(Also, just to note, I'm a software engineer. I don't need the cool underlying technology behind these notification apps explained to me. I'm just curious if anyone knows whether the data they collect is state-specific or not.)
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In short, yes, MassNotify shares data with other states, and you are not even the first Massachusetts-based Mefite to get a notification about an exposure that happened while you were in Washington State!
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Best answer: Can vouch. Different states but it has happened to me.
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Best answer: Yup, this has happened to me too. (And funnily enough same states too - MassNotify when I was in Seattle). So count me as a third Mefite!
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The big caveat is, of course, that it will only work if both states report exposure. If you were in Indiana, which does not participate in exposure notification, you'd never know if you were exposed there or not.
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Yes, I live in state A, am signed up for notifications with state B, and got notified about someone in state C.
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