Looking for an 1980s "how to win at video game" book with gory pictures
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In the '80s I checked out a book from the public library about video games. The only thing I remember about it is that the illustrations were really violent. (Content warning)

For example, the chapter on Joust showed a losing knight with a hole in his chest and gore dripping out. Does this ring any bells?
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It looks like 1981-84 was a golden age for this. Would you recognize the cover?
This blog covers some of the books but only has selections from inside. Using Google Image search with the phrase ""how to win video games" books (YEAR)" may also jog the memory. Ebay also has several, some of which have inside example photos.
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Joust came out in 1982, so the book can't be older than that.

How to Win at Video Games "by the Editors of Consumer Guide" definitely has Joust in it, but the picture I found doesn't look likely to have been paired with something graphic. Also, spiral bound would be unusual in a library.
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Were the drawings just black and white line drawings, or were they full color things?
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How to win at video games: 1982, 1983 (Worldcat)
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The January 1983 issue of JoyStik magazine was called How To Win At Video Games and has a few pages on Joust (starting on page 50) but images are just from the video game itself. The full issue is available here.
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Response by poster: Oh I totally had "How To Win at Video Games" but it was much classier. There was an amazing photo illustration of an insectoid alien hanging from the ceiling playing the other side in Galga.

The drawings (in this other book) were black and white.
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Hm. Do you remember anything else about the physical book? - hardback or paperback, large or small, thick or thin?
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Response by poster: I'd guess paperback, smaller for sure than How To Win At Video Games. But not sure if paperback-sized or a bit bigger.
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