Can I eat these olives?
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Ordered some Almond Stuffed Super Colossal Olives and they arrived at an unexpected time. They sat in the mailbox for about 2 hours, under a southern sun that was basking in a cloudless sky. The jar feels very warm, but nothing resembling untouchable. The olives appear fine, suspended in their liquid. Are these safe to eat?
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If the jar is still vacuum sealed, yes I would eat them. Between the point of manufacture and delivery they could have been in any and all sorts of weather extremes.

(But then again, I am the guy who would eat the cooked pork chop left out in the air fryer overnight.)
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Best answer: Unless the little popup thing in the jar has popped up, I would feel completely comfortable eating these.

The temperature in the back of the delivery truck is probably not that different from the temperature inside your mailbox.
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Best answer: Nthing safe as long as the vacuum seal is still intact. They likely sit in warehouses, loading docks, and trucks just as hot.
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Best answer: Are they in brine? If so that's its job.
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Best answer: I feel that, if brined olives stored in warm conditions would hard you, all the people in Greece would be dead millennia ago.
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Sigh. Hurt, not hard.
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Best answer: They likely sit in warehouses, loading docks, and trucks just as hot.

Came to say this. They survive shipping conditions that are way worse than your mailbox.
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Technically all the people who were in Greece millennia ago ARE dead.
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I agree that these olives will be fine.

But I read once that commercial pickles and things don’t necessarily have enough acid or salt content to preserve them properly out of the fridge. Because everyone has a fridge, they are made more to taste than to actually be salty or acid enough to be shelf stable. So I would agree that these olives will be fine because they are in an unopened jar; the brine can’t hurt, but may not be enough to preserve them on its own.
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Response by poster: They tasted a bit odd, but it might be because I’ve never had this brand. I shall eat a few to get to the bottom of this mystery.
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Keep us posted!
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I would be happy to test them for you.
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They're fine.

If you think the two hours in the mailbox were a danger, don't ask too many questions about how the olives were shipped, stored, and shipped again.
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