Looking for an online chess program for a kid that isn’t Chess Kids
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I’ve been asked to find an online chess program or app suitable for kids that lets them play against one another. They have tried Chess Kids and aren’t really happy with it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I'm looking for a chess app so I'll be following this thread. As always, your answers will be better if you say what it is about Chess Kids that the kids "aren't really happy with."
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My kid switched to lichess.org when he was 12ish and he likes it better. I’d have to ask him what age he thinks is appropriate for it, because it seems less geared to kids.
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Lichess is definitely a professional-grade chess app, but so long as you mute the chats in the parental controls it should be a fine place for kids.
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The two major platforms people use for chess generally are Lichess and Chess.com, to my understanding. I'd recommend Lichess -- it's intuitive, snappy, and well-implemented. It's not specifically for kids, but in the case of chess, I'm not sure why a kid's needs would differ from an adult's. They're both playing the same game. I believe that there are some basic parental controls to disable in-game chat, which is the only 'dicey' thing I can think of.
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