Seeking particular niche journal: history as impacted by child abuse
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Around 20 years ago, I briefly subscribed to a small journal that had as its thesis that all of history can be viewed through the lens of child abuse. Powerful and dangerous leaders were often victims of abuse, and this generational trauma has greatly negatively impacted *all* of world history. All I can recall is that it was a small size, and I suspect came out no more frequently than quarterly. I am trying to find the name of that journal and a source for looking at it again if possible.

I was a children’s therapist at the time. I took it for a year out of curiosity and thought it an interesting premise, but didn’t really ponder it much beyond that. I am much older and wiser now, and having lived through the events of the past several years, I now don’t feel like this is such a niche or quirky idea after all.

I’m returning to school and I’d like to have access to the journal for some research. I have no idea how many issues came out nor if it is still being published today. Anyone have recall of this journal? I’ve Googled my best repeatedly to no avail.
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Best answer: No idea on the journal, but a detail that may be helpful: this sounds pretty strongly connected to the genre of psychohistory, the idea that great historical figures and the events for which they are responsible can be "figured out" through a psychoanalytic framework (as opposed to, say, historical events being primarily reliant on economic or geographical determinism). The Winter 1998 issue of the Journal of Psychohistory deals with child abuse, and one article from that issue is available free to read on the journal's website. Perhaps it might help?

(I should note, however, that while the impact of psychological stimuli on historical figures isn't really a controversial issue, the overall viability of psychohistory as a sub/field very much is. So, you know, take anything you find from this journal and related sources with a grain of salt.)
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Side article: presidents without dads.
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I'm wondering if the 1992 book Spare the Child would have articles from that journal in its bibliography or references. (Sorry, I used to have that book but apparently don't anymore, or I would look at it.)
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It sounds like the Journal of Psychohistory. This link goes to a PDF.

This was the text on Google Scholar:
PDF] The history of child abuse
L DeMause - Journal of Psychohistory, 1998 -
… that child abuse … child abuse has been humanity's most powerful and most successful ritual, why it has been the cause of war and social violence, and why the eradication of child abuse

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Response by poster: I had come across that journal in my search and the size of each edition is correct, but I have a hard time believing that nothing other than "Hitler probably had a bad dad" stuck in my head from that absolutely horrific article. But at the same time, I am aware that memory is very fickle and perhaps I did only get my hands on a single edition of this journal and that my take-away was that simple. It has been so many years. Thank you for your feedback; I have been reconsidering this a whole bunch since the beginning of the Trump Years and it is clear that man certainly wasn't helped by his upbringing.
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