Odd poster on supervisor's door
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I'd like some insight as to why this sign would be on a state supervisor and an office manager's door to their shared office.

I was there doing an interview. The poster was about 8.5 by 11 and said in big letters "THE NAVY."
In smaller letters below it said (I'm paraphrasing here since my memory is not perfect):

"Shoots you down in a lifeboat, in choppy water, at night, on Easter."

I get that someone could have a beef about the time spent in the service. But the office door of a state office doesn't seem the place to advertise it.

Google didn't help.

It seems weird. Is this sinister?
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I think it has to be a reference to this incident, which took place on Easter or the next day.
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That’s almost certainly a reference to the Somali pirates incident depicted in “Captain Phillips”. I hate to glorify violence, but I have to say that was one badass moment.
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In April 2009, Navy SEALs shot and killed three Somali pirates who were holding American captain Richard Phillips hostage. The pirates and Captain Phillips were in a lifeboat at the time.

It's not a beef, it's a brag. Threaten Americans, and the Navy will kill you even if you're in a lifeboat in choppy waters at night on Easter.

News story here.
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Hung on an office door this poster is advertising to all: "I am a person who will solve problems and remove obstacles, no matter how difficult."

It is both a promise to help and a threat that you might not fully expect or appreciate the type of help provided, so perhaps you should really think your problem through first and solve it yourself before making it this person's problem!
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I don't think it's a beef. I think the person whose office it is was in the Navy, or wants you to think they were, and wants what they see as Navy kick-assness to be associated with them.
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Response by poster: I appreciate this. Without the context (and I'll be honest, sometimes I give myself news vacations) it does sound sinister indeed.
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