Story about husband in a coma, maybe 19th-century?
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Name the book: A husband falls into a coma, and his wife must take over the business (farm?) to rescue their failing finances. When husband eventually awakens and wife tells him of the "gift" she has made for him of her work to save the family, he is infuriated and humiliated by her actions. Either the wife eventually leaves the husband or vice versa.

Possibly a short story, or may be a novel. Story takes place circa 19th century. Second-hand description, so details are murky; sorry!
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I don't have an answer yet, but I distinctly recall this plot.
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It sounds similar to the plot of the movie, Breaking the Waves, save the era and the husband’s condition.
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Best answer: This isn't an exact fit, but is there any way you're thinking of Henrik Ibsen's play A Doll's House?
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Response by poster: endlundart, that very well may be it!
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Response by poster: Original questioner confirms that A Doll's House is the answer, noting they "knew it was a famous author" and that they encountered it in the 1992 BBC adaptation starring Juliet Stevenson when it was on PBS/Masterpiece Theatre: "The last 1/4 sums it up and is the best." Thanks, all, esp. edlundart, for the assist!
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