Cheaper way to get generic Adderall?
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Getting generic Adderall (dextroamphetamine) is incredibly expensive for me. Are any of the healthcare websites/apps that are thinly veiled Dr. Feelgood sites like Cerebral actually sites where you can get prescriptions? My insurance doesn't cover it so I have a telephone call to the doctor ($300), and then the refill ($150). Anything under $450/mo for a generic drug and a call that's just CYA with the doctor would help.
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What city and state? And what dosage?

Goodrx shows that 30 tablets of 10mg of dextroamphetamine (adderal) is as low as $19 at my local Costco with their free coupon. If you buy GoodRX's discount card, it can go as low as $13.57, in my local pharmacy.

(Costco Pharmacy is open to all not just members)
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Response by poster: Thanks! 5mg, twice a day (60 per month), Kansas City MO. I went with CVS. So GoodRX is showing, $132 retail, then down to $50 with coupons, unfortunately for some reason $28.99 is CostCo but that could be simply because I need to ask them to switch me to 10mg, 30 pills and I can just take half.

Would be nice if I didn't have to pay $300 just to get the refill too!
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Have you tried a service like Goodrx's telehealth? They advertise low costs for the consult and that they can provide ongoing prescriptions. However, I believe adderall gets additional controls so you would have to see how or if they could manage that one.

There are a whole slew of telehealth services so even if the Goodrx one won't work for you, one of the others might. They basically all work similarly, you pay a fairly low fee for a consult and they they can prescribe your ongoing needs.
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Wait, on goodrx for 5mg 60 tablets in kc, MO I'm still seeing it as around $20 at hyvee.

As for getting the prescription try checking out fresh bennies. It includes telehealth at no cost including primary care visits, prescriptions etc and costs under $20 a month. I have it and use the visits sometimes instead of seeing my in person doctor because it's free, easy, and same pills rx at same pharmacy.
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Also I'm no expert but is dextroamphetamine the same as Adderall? I got confused so the prices I put above are for "Adderall" not the generic name you provided. Hope that helps.
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@OP: You can definitely get a pill chopper and cut the 10 mg pill in half. Available at any pharmacy.

@Chasles: yes, same thing. GoodRX just lists it by the brand name as it's better known by that.
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@Chasles: to be precise, Adderall's generic name is more like "amphetamine salt combo". Dextroamphetamine is one of the salts.

Not exactly the same, but very similar. Quick check for dextroamphetamine shows similar prices to Adderall (tm).
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@OP: You can definitely get a pill chopper and cut the 10 mg pill in half. Available at any pharmacy.

Please be careful with this, it is not universally a good idea.

A lot of meds of this class come in "sustained release" or "controlled release" pills, and splitting them can change how quickly the medicine is absorbed into the body.
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Response by poster: Generic adderall IR is scored, and XR comes in a capsule with balls inside that decidedly do not have the ability to be broken apart.
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Where I live in Canada, my doctor will not prescribe stimulant meds in smaller increments than my daily dosage, due to concerns about med sharing/dealing. I.e. if my daily dosage is 30mg he will only prescribe 30mg pills, not 10mg pills x3. It sucks but it is what it is. May or may not be the same where you are.
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Are you in the US? Most group insurance is required to cover mental health treatment to the same degree they do physical health treatments. What reason is your insurance giving you for not covering the doctor visit or the prescription?
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Not all countries have the same rules. Adderall and generics are available over the counter in Mexico. So if you happen to be planning a trip, you might look up rules around how much medicine you can carry home.
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Generic adderall IR is scored, and XR comes in a capsule with balls inside that decidedly do not have the ability to be broken apart.

It sounds like your problem is with Adderall XR, not regular (immediate release) Adderall. They're different drugs with (very) different prices, hence the confusion here.

I'm currently on Adderall IR because XR is way too expensive. It doesn't work quite as well, of course, but it's much more affordable.
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True, XR's effect would require you to take smaller doses of the regular version throughout the day.
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Look for a local doctor. My doctor in Chicago charges $30/month to write and mail my RX to me, as did my previous doctor.
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