Physical recovery from crying
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I’ve been crying for two days. I know how to handle my emotions, but I don’t know how to help my body recover. My eyes feel fogged and tired and I have keratoconus so focus isn’t easy. And the general fatigue and grossness you feel after a tear marathon.
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Best answer: Cool washcloth or chilled cucumber slices or spoons (left in the freezer or refrigerator for a bit) on closed eyes will help with the puffiness and tired eyes

Gatorade or something with a lot of electrolytes (coconut water, soup, banana) and extra fluids to help rehydrate and replace lost salts . Tea with honey if your voice is hoarse.

Aquaphor or Vaseline for chapped nostrils

Gentle yoga to stretch out your body as crying often makes us hunched over and tense.

Time in nature. Deep lungfuls of fresh air.

I also like a long cool shower and a clean comfortable outfit to help me feel better. If I have the energy, fresh sheets and pillowcases too.
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Best answer: Yeah you're likely simply dehydrated, apart from anything else. Sports drinks and lots of water.
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Best answer: I haven't tried electrolytes for crying, but I have tried them for general fatigue/headache/heat stress, and they are surprisingly helpful. I'd think they could be great for post-cry exhaustion.

You can get them at health food / vitamin stores. I also sometimes drink V-8 (not the low sodium kind, and not another brand of veggie juice) with the idea of replenishing electrolytes, and it seems to be great too.
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Best answer: This is a sort of hangover, from all the stress-triggered neurochemicals. Hydrate with electrolytes, eat nourishing foods, and take rest seriously. If the stress hormones have left you constipated, you may want to address that because it's one of the ways you get rid of the toxins you've generated and processed.
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Best answer: sleep. rest your eyes. no screens. if it's not sleeping time yet then at least get outside and walk. protect your eyes.
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After crying (or bad bouts of allergies)), I wrap ice cubes in napkins and place them on my eye areas. It’s refreshing and helps with the swelling and puffiness. (Same concept as castlebravo’s suggestions). Wishing the best for you.
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Definitely hydrate and rest. Also, if you can, really move your body, like on a bike ride or walk. The blood circulating through your body will help the puffiness.
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A long hot shower will help clear out your sinuses (feel free to blow your nose a few times in the shower, it will help). Plus warmth is emotionally comforting.

After that, lots of fluids - electrolyte drink, fruit juice, whatever fluids sound good to you.

Lubricating saline eye drops if you can get access to them.
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Eye drops with lipids may help. I use Systane Complete. The tears washed away a lot of oils. Warm compresses on your eyes may help for the same reason; it doesn't feel as soothing as coolness in the moment, but it opens up oil glands to moisturize your eyes.
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Chilled black tea bags (used) on the eyes are soothing (because of the cold) and the tannins in the black tea also help shrink swollen eyelids. Brew up a nice pot of tea and stick the bags in the refrigerator or freezer for a bit while you drink the tea. Then put the chilled bags on your eyes while you rest for a bit.
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