Need to colorize my code!
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Looking for a decent (free) C# + JavaScript source code colorizer.

I wouldn't think it would be hard to find, but I'm having trouble. I need something easy and quick that generates fairly clean, colorized HTML from C# and JavaScript code snippets. Oh, and it has to run on XP. And preferrably be a little configurable?

I found one that was pretty good but it always generated a grey background and a little "generated by" message at the bottom.

Thanks in advance!
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What was the app you found and what are you trying to present the code as? Is this for printing or something else?
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I would like to put code snippets on a web page and have them be color-coded the same way they are in Visual Studio.

I tried CodeColorizer, but, as I wrote, it always puts code in a grey box and attaches a little "generated by" message.
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I've had good luck with jEdit's Code2HTML plugin.
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I've heard many people say good things about the CopySourceAsHtml Visual Studio Add-In. This, of course, assumes you are using Visual Studio.
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TextPad Pro is my windows text/code/script editor of choice and has been for a long time now.

They have syntax definitions for an amazing number of programming and scripting languages:

I've never used it to save my color-coded code as an HTML file but according to this forum post it is indeed possible:

I'd try it out myself before posting but I am surrounded by Macs at work... no windows in here!
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gvim saves in color HTML from its color schemes.
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Highlight does over 50 languages and writes to XHTML and other formats.
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Check out SciTE editor:
Supports many languages, Syntax coloring, and export as HTML, RTF, PDF, LaTeX, and XML
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Thanks everyone. TextPad Pro did the trick.
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I'll throw in a link to conText, a pretty good editor with full customization of how 'code' looks with the ability to export to html.
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