Yet another round of "what is this?"
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In playing real estate scavenger hunt with my sister, we came across something that has us stumped. Can anyone tell us what is next to the cabinet in this laundry room picture?
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It looks almost like a portable washer, but why...?

I'm super curious what it is, now.
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Yeah, that's bizarre. High-tech IoT hamper? Maybe a sterilizer or some specific washing/drying device?


EDIT: I think porpoise nailed the what. But, the Why? is a whole nother thing
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I wonder if it’s a big clothes steamer?
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Could it be a separate spinner for clothes, to pull more water out before either line drying or using the dryer?
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Dishwasher? It looks like the front pulls out. Since it draws and drains like a washing machine, perhaps this was the easiest place to hook it up, rather than the kitchen?
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Best answer: Google image search FTW.
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Maybe a separate washer for some specific item that they want to wash completely separately. My first thought was cloth diapers.
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For those of us who can’t see the “best answer” link (it opens up blank for me) and are curious — what is it?
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It says: Hold and hide your laundry supplies within easy reach with a Laundry 1-2-3™ laundry tower. Its two oversized drawers and pullout supply tray fit all of your laundry items, from stain sticks to large detergent boxes. A retractable hanging rod also provides temporary hanging space for 4-6 items. Designed to match your Duet® laundry pair, place the laundry tower in between or next to your washer and dryer and add 13.5 inches of additional work space. Plus, with heavy-duty steel ball bearings and durable construction, it can handle even your toughest laundry activities.
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Google image search FTW.

Not the exact model I think. This one has the bin on the top back.
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It’s a storage unit for laundry soap designed to match the washing machines.
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kate4914's link only shows a blank white page to me, and Tell Me No Lies' just has a message saying they don't serve places outside the US.

Can someone explain what it is?
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Can someone explain what it is?

It is a storage cabinet designed to match-ish the washer and dryer.
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...made to look substantially larger than it is by a wide-angle lens
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